ARTS Asset Management GmbH

Schottenfeldgasse 20
1070 Wien
Vienna, Austria
  • UZ-LicenseUW 1380

ARTS Asset Management, a company of the C-QUADRAT Investment Group, was founded in 2003 and specializes in the management of quantitative total return strategies. With its mixed funds, ARTS is one of the pioneers of trend following. In addition to asset management mandates, the ARTS product range now includes 16 flexibly managed funds and has received a total of more than 330 awards and distinctions from renowned addresses in recent years.

On the basis of a self-developed trading system, all investment decisions are made by using complex mathematical algorithms and are therefore independent of human emotions such as fear or greed. Investments are made systematically, according to technical or quantitative criteria, in those industries or sectors that show a positive trend behaviour in the medium term.

In contrast to most classically managed funds, the investment performance of total return funds is not based on a benchmark, but attempts to generate absolute profits in all market phases over the long term. The core strength of the products lies in the combination of their medium-term trend-following orientation and the active adjustment of the portfolio to the respective development of the individual markets with the aim of limiting losses through active risk management in order to generate positive returns in the long run.

ARTS Asset Management takes sustainability factors into account in its quantitative investment decisions, in addition to market-related returns and risk factors. In doing so, the investment process is carried out exclusively on the basis of a quantitative trading approach in accordance with the respective regulations of the investment fund and, at the same time, adequate consideration of sustainability factors. In this way, ecological, social criteria and criteria of good corporate governance are also to be adequately taken into account in the evaluation of investment risks in order to combine the demand for sustainability of the target investments with the investors' needs for risk diversification and return.

For this purpose, ARTS works together with the renowned analysis company Institutional Shareholder Service (ISS) ESG, which collects sustainability-related information and prepares sustainability ratings for investment funds on a monthly basis. This rating is applied in the investment selection process as follows: If two or more "equivalent" investment candidates exist for ARTS Asset Management's proprietary trading system, i.e. securities that deliver an equivalent result in terms of return and risk, the one with the better sustainability rating is preferred and used in the portfolio allocation. This means that ARTS already takes sustainability criteria into account across the board in all managed funds of funds.


ISIN: AT0000618137(T),AT0000A218K9(H)

The C-QUADRAT ARTS Total Return ESG (ISIN AT0000618137) represents an active asset management approach managed according to ESG criteria, which determines the attractiveness of the investments that can be used and creates the current target allocation. In this way, ESG criteria are appropriately taken into account and combined with the investors' needs for return and risk management. Depending on the market situation, the fund can build up the equity quota to 100%. In negative stock market times, equities can be reduced and the equity risk hedged down to 0% via derivatives, or switched to more conservative ESG bond or near-money market investments.

ARTS attempts to serve both objectives with its C-QUADRAT ARTS Total Return ESG fund: Investments are carefully selected according to strict sustainability criteria in order to meet the demands of an ecological, social and ethical orientation of the investment portfolio. Similarly, the trend-following trading system seeks to generate positive returns over the long term and to protect investors from major price setbacks through active risk management.

Sustainability is not just a purely environmental issue, as is often assumed, but also encompasses a company's treatment of its employees or the issue of human rights, as well as the principles of good corporate governance. Each of these three aspects includes a set of strict screening criteria, which are screened by the renowned analysis company Institutional Shareholder Service (ISS) ESG. ISS ESG is one of the world's leading providers of solutions in the field of sustainable investments - and has been for over 25 years. With more than 400 employees and 180 analysts, it produces ESG-compliant company and country ratings. Thanks to rigorous screening processes and extensive dialogue with the individual companies, an objective and data-accurate analysis is carried out based on ESG criteria.