The Environmental Centre of Raiffesenbank Gunskirchen. Copyright by Raiffeisenbank Günskirchen.

Green Banking Pioneer Gunskirchen Celebrates 125 Years

The Environmental Centre of Raiffeisenbank Gunskirchen is a true pioneer for sustainable investments and green banking. In 2023, both the 125th anniversary of Raiffeisenbank Gunskirchen and the 10th birthday of the environmental centre will be celebrated

Raiffeisenbank Gunskirchen has awarded several savings and giro products with the Ecolabel "Sustainable Finance" (Gemeinwohlkonto and Umwelt-Girokonto), and uses them to finance ecologically and socially meaningful projects. It is also a member of the Green Finance Alliance, an initiative of the Ministry of Climate Action.

Since the 2000s, the environmental focus has been successively expanded, with the growth course consciously oriented towards eco-financing. The bank's ecological balance sheet is impressive: while the business volume was increased by 53 million euros to a total of 1.167 billion euros in 2022 (+ 5 %), the environmental centre achieved a 16 % increase in ecological financing and green savings and giro products. Thus, about half of the total growth of Raiffeisenbank Gunskirchen in 2022 came from the environmental centre.

At the end of 2022, the Environmental Centre had invested a credit volume of 69.81 million euros in 178 different projects in the areas of photovoltaics, biomass, recycling, wind power, ecological construction, organic farming, e-mobility, innovative ideas and social issues.

The ecological "impact" speaks for itself. The projects financed saved 21,307 tonnes of CO2 per year. "This corresponds to the annual CO2 consumption of 2,573 Austrians," emphasised Kristina Haselgrübler, Head of the Environmental Centre and new member of the Raiffeisen Gunskirchen Executive Board since 1 April 2023. The goal is to accelerate the transformation of the entire bank towards achieving the Paris climate goals. By 2040, the entire loan portfolio is to be aligned with these goals.

The Austrian Ecolabel team congratulates you!