Aided awareness of the Ecolabel is 58%, unchanged from the previous year (59%).

Awareness spontaneous and supported

  • Spontaneous awareness of the Ecolabel reached 15%, a value in the range of the range of the last survey wave (16%).
  • At 58%, supported awareness of the Ecolabel remains at a high level compared to the previous year (59%).
  • Women are slightly more aware of the Austrian Ecolabel than men (60% vs. 56%).
  • Above the age of 50, awareness is lower than below this age limit.
  • Awareness increases with the level of formal schooling and income.

Importance of the Ecolabel

  • The importance of the Ecolabel is still seen most strongly for environmentally friendly products and their production as well as in environmental protection, environmental awareness and a healthy, clean environment.
  • Control, testing and the fulfilment of criteria again form the third focus.

Trust in the Ecolabel

  • The trust in the Austrian Ecolabel is with a top box level of 55% is still at a satisfactory level.
  • Women have more confidence in the label than men, younger consumers more than older ones.
  • The more formally educated rate the trust more positively.