THINK Schuhwerk GmbH

Hauptstraße 35
4794 Kopfing im Innkreis
Upper Austria, Austria
  • UZ-LicenseUW 1111

"Healthy shoes do not have to be ugly" - Martin Koller, the son of a traditional Austrian shoemaker family at the end of the 80s, was firmly convinced. The aim was to produce individual, comfortable, sustainable and well crafted shoes.

Modell Chilli Ballerina schwarz/kombi
Modell Chilli Ballerina schwarz/kombi, 9-89108-02
Think! Chilli Ballerina shell
Modell Chilli Ballerina shell, 0-80108-28
Modell Chilli Schnürer rosso/kombi
Modell Chilli Schnürer rosso/kombi, 0-80101-72
Think! Chilli Schnürer
Modell Chilli Schnürer schwarz, 8-88101-00
Modell Chilli Slipper rosso/kombi
Modell Chilli Slipper rosso/kombi, 0-80106-72
Modell Chilli Slipper schwarz
Modell Chilli Slipper schwarz, 8-88106-00