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Climate-friendly school shopping - tips in the video

Our world is changing, and so are our attitudes. From bright white paper to recycled notebooks, from disposable pens to refills, from short-lived plastic items to sustainable solutions.

The initiative "Clever einkaufen für die Schule" ("Clever Shopping for Schools") has been campaigning for environmentally friendly school shopping for 13 years. Since then, a lot has happened in the media. Low in resources, low in pollutants and rich in ideas for an environmentally and climate-friendly everyday school life. The video „Klimafit beim Schuleinkauf“ (Climate-friendly School Shopping) is aimed at parents, educators and all those who, in addition to the great solutions for the future, are already looking for alternatives when it comes to everyday products such as school supplies. The film offers practical first-hand tips and helpful information for making a sustainable choice when it comes to school supplies. From climate activists to school headmasters, from chemical experts and consumer advocates to representatives of parents' associations - all invite you to take action.

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The film of the Ministry of Climate Protection was made with the kind support of the following cooperation partners of the "Clever einkaufen für die Schule" initiative: Federal Committee of the Austrian Paper Trade (WKO), PAGRO Diskont, LIBRO, THALIA, SKRIBO as well as the partner organisations "Umwelt.Wissen" Lower Austria and the environmental programmes of the City of Vienna "ÖkoKauf Wien" and "PUMA-Schulen".

"Clever einkaufen für die Schule. Und die Umwelt freut sich!" is an initiative of the Ministry of Climate Protection (BMK) in cooperation with the Austrian paper trade (WKO).