bigood glass cleaner (VKI)

KONSUMENT tested window cleaner

Is a purchased window cleaning product better than a homemade household detergent? The Association for Consumer Information (VKI) has put it to the test.

The trade offers a myriad of window cleaners. It is time for KONSUMENT to take a closer look at them and also to look at their environmental compatibility.

Is a purchased window cleaning product better than a home detergent that you mix yourself? The Verein für Konsumenteninformation (VKI) put the test to the test: 17 products, including 15 ready-for-use window cleaning products, a window cleaner concentrate and a household remedy mixed by the VKI testers themselves were compared.

The test criteria

The detergents were not only evaluated for their cleaning performance and gloss effect, but also whether they offer protection against drying raindrops and whether they contain harmful ingredients. A total of 8 products were rated "good", including the homemade household remedy. 9 products received an "average" rating. Pleasing - the Ecolabel product "Bipa bi good - glass cleaner" is one of the two best products in the test. The "Splendid nature Glass Cleaner" from Spar is another eco-labelled cleaner that placed among the top products. Less pleasing: Potentially allergenic substances were found in 5 window cleaning products.

Advantages of the Ecolabel for consumers

In the meantime, various environmental labels are also becoming increasingly common for window cleaning products. Those who are not sure how informative these are: "With the Austrian Ecolabel and the EU Ecolabel you are on the safe side in any case", says Christian Undeutsch. "Because chlorine compounds and microplastics are prohibited here. The chemicals used must be easily degradable and must not harm water organisms or human health. In addition, there are also increased requirements for packaging in terms of recycling. And last but not least, the products are independently tested."

The test results in detail are available from 30.4. in the test magazine KONSUMENT and on