Coffee to go in circles- Viennese waltz for coffee cups!

The Austrian Ecolabel pioneer CUP SOLUTIONS has launched the myCoffeeCup pilot project in Vienna, which offers a convenient and quick alternative to environmentally harmful throwing away.

The coffee cup garbage misery

Around 84 million coffee to go disposable cups per year in Vienna consume a large amount of resources, create a massive waste problem and a culture of wastefulness. Usually there it`s a single-walled paper cup with a thin plastic coating on the inside. However, the fact that the lifestyle product has a massive impact on our environment is something that most people ignore.


The environmentally friendly idea from Vienna

A real, sustainable alternative to disposable coffee cups is the myCoffeeCup returnable cup system with decentralised cup return facilities and centralised, ecological washing logistics. The Viennese company CUP SOLUTIONS has launched the myCoffeeCup pilot project together with the City of Vienna and will start in and around the 1st district of Vienna in February. Up to 42 million litres of water, 1.9 million kg of wood and 9.6 million kWh of valuable resources can be saved.
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Reusable initiative: Help us!

The reusable idea should spread as far as possible and find many imitators. If you drink your coffee on the road and your favourite café is not there, then simply recommend it here!

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