New building HTL Strass in Tyrol, the Zillertal. Copyright by DI Hannes Buchinger.

With klimaaktiv and the Austrian Ecolabel to a climate-neutral building

Whether new construction or renovation – the klimaaktiv building standard gives you a good orientation for your building project. It stands for high living comfort and low energy costs at the same time

It is often difficult to evaluate and compare the quality of different offers from developers, architects or real estate sellers, because the market is flooded with offers for the "best" house. The independent klimaaktiv quality label of the Ministry for Climate Protection describes what is important in a building if it is to be climate-friendly, energy-saving, comfortable and as well-built as possible. Optimised planning and implementation controlling for sustainable construction and renovation are made possible.

With the updated catalogue of criteria, the Ministry for Climate Protection is tightening the requirements for energy efficiency and the environmental compatibility of building materials and products. Gas and oil are excluded once and for all. The catalogue also introduces new quality criteria for storage technologies, circular economy and climate change adaptation.

The klimaaktiv assessment categories

The assessment and quality assurance of buildings in klimaaktiv quality is carried out according to a simple 1,000-point system in four assessment categories:

  • In terms of location, infrastructure offers and environmentally friendly mobility at the location are of central importance; the topic of microclimate and green space is also evaluated.
  • In the area of energy and supply, low energy demand, low CO2 emissions and lower primary energy use than in standard buildings are decisive for achieving high klimaaktiv quality.
  • For building materials and construction, ecological optimisation is assessed from the production of a building to its disposal. Building materials that are particularly harmful to the climate and substances of concern are excluded, and the use of environmentally friendly materials with Ecolabels is rewarded. Therefore, use building materials certified with the Austrian Ecolabel and benefit from additional points!
  • For comfort and health, the topics of summer suitability, use of low-emission building materials in interior construction and optimised daylighting are evaluated. In klimaaktiv buildings, this ensures above-average comfort and good indoor air quality.

Linked to guidelines and subsidies

More and more subsidies, guidelines and requirements of the federal government as well as the provinces are based on the klimaaktiv quality criteria. If your building meets the klimaaktiv criteria, you can also apply for increased requirements (housing subsidies, renovation check, ...).

Further information on klimaaktiv Bauen und Sanieren and the building standard can be found at