Room with wooden floor. Copyright by Scheucher.

A strong Ecolabel for Scheucher Holzindustrie GmbH

The Austrian company Scheucher Holzindustrie GmbH has held the EU Ecolabel for wooden floors since March 2023. This makes the company the first parquet manufacturer in Europe to be authorised to use this cross-border Ecolabel. It guarantees the environmental friendliness, durability and high quality of the labelled products. Read more about this here.

Transparency & sustainability. Scheucher Holzindustrie GmbH ( is based in the market town of Mettersdorf am Saßbach in south-eastern Styria. Founded in 1920, the family business currently employs around 230 people.

Production hall with photovoltaics on the roof. Copyright by Scheucher.

Production hall with photovoltaics on the roof. Copyright by Scheucher.

Since March 2023, all parquet floors produced by Scheucher have been certified with the EU Ecolabel. Why was it important for the company to obtain this European environmental seal of approval? Klaus Bauer, Head of Research & Development at Scheucher Holzindustrie GmbH, explains: "We were looking for a strong Ecolabel that is widely recognised and beyond any suspicion of 'greenwashing'. Our expectations of the label are a transparent and comprehensible presentation of the sustainability of our products and their ecological harmlessness. The label also makes it easier for our customers to provide data if they want to use our parquet floors in building-certified construction projects."

Onto parquet without risk. Klaus Bauer explains: "The demand for eco-labelled parquet flooring is generally on the rise. We are very happy about this. After all, it is important to choose a floor that is sustainable, ecologically sound and locally produced."

And what arguments does Klaus Bauer use to convince a customer to buy his certified parquet floors? "Firstly with the high quality of our floors, their long service life and ease of repair. It is very important to emphasise that they are emission-free. And that our production methods leave the smallest possible ecological footprint. The EU Ecolabel verifies all of this and ensures that consumers receive a parquet floor that they will enjoy for decades to come!"

Materials - where from? Scheucher uses more than 85% of different oak varieties. Walnut, ash, beech, cherry and maple are also used. It goes without saying that no synthetic fibres are used. Where does the wood come from? "More than 77% of our wood currently comes from certified, sustainably managed forests. The rest comes from legal, EUTR-compliant timber areas. The geographical distribution of our wood purchasing covers an area with a radius of 500 km, from which we procure the majority of our wood. Softwood comes mainly from Austria. We source oak from the south-east European oak belt," explains Klaus Bauer.

Support for western Ukraine. "We also have very long and excellent business relationships with some suppliers in western Ukraine. These are of course further away than the 500 kilometres mentioned above. But we see this as our small contribution to supporting the Ukrainian economy despite the terrible war. That is important to us."

Walking on the parquet every day. What products are used to treat the surfaces? "The surface treatment is carried out on the one hand using exclusively oxidative - i.e. air-drying - oils based on renewable raw materials and on the other hand using solvent-free UV varnishes. The natural surface finish 'SEDA' with high-quality, natural oils and waxes, which has been tried and tested over centuries, penetrates deep into the wood and is cured with oxygen. The parquet floor is given an effective deep impregnation and retains its original fresh character. The surface is and remains open-pored, breathable, warm to the feet and natural."

The parquet lives with you. "The floor impresses with a velvety matt surface and ensures a particularly healthy indoor climate. The parquet lives with its inhabitants for decades. If the signs of time start to bother you, the parquet floor can be renovated and re-oiled with a basic cleaning without sanding the precious wood wear layer."

Honest sustainability. Can worn parts be repaired? "A particular advantage of SEDA flooring is that scratches or minor damage can be partially repaired and re-oiled without any problems. This means that - perhaps contrary to expectations - they are also ideal for use in high-traffic areas. Maintenance and repair are simple. The floor can always be kept in perfect condition visually," reports Klaus Bauer. He continues: "Our PUROTEC and TENSEO X-MATT UV-coated floors offer greatly increased protection against mechanical and chemical influences thanks to the new EXCIMER technology. However, it is also possible to sand the lacquer with conventional machines and apply a new layer of lacquer on site. This does not require the entire varnish to be removed from the wood. We almost exclusively use top coats with a wear layer of approx. 3.6 mm, which enables multiple repairs to be carried out by sanding down the entire surface. For us, this is 'honest sustainability'."

All information about the parquet floors with the EU Ecolabel from Scheucher Holzindustrie GmbH can be found here There is also a warehouse and showroom in 1230 Vienna, Zetschegasse 9.