Roboterfertigung eines Sonnenkollektors. Copyright by GREENoneTEC.

The sun does not charge!

And it shines every day. The Austrian company GREENoneTEC supplies the best technology for converting the sun's rays into energy. The world market leader in the field of thermal flat-plate collectors is also the only Austrian collector manufacturer to bear the Austrian Ecolabel. And exports from Carinthia all over the world. Read more about an Austrian success story here.

Continuity 1991-2021.

At GREENoneTEC (, 130 employees are engaged in the development and construction of solar systems. The company in Sankt Veit an der Glan in Carinthia was founded in 1991 by Robert Kanduth, who still manages the successful company today. Thus, in 2021 GREENoneTEC will be able to boast 30 years of experience in the production of solar collectors. This anniversary was also an opportunity to talk to Robert Kanduth about his company.

At the pole position.

First question: "How did the name GREENoneTEC come about? What messages does it convey?" Company boss Robert Kanduth explains: "GREEN stands for sustainability. one: well it was always my goal to become the world market leader. And indeed my company has held this global position for years. TEC abbreviates technology. It all adds up to GREENoneTEC and signals what we stand for." Currently, as the world's largest thermal flat-plate collector manufacturer, GREENoneTEC has an annual production capacity of over 1.6 million m² of collectors. Then Robert Kanduth adds: "We operate according to our motto SETTING GLOBAL STANDARDS. It stands for our quality standards and refers to our position as innovation and technology leader. Both are linked to the highest customer satisfaction and delivery reliability."

GREEN. Sustainability.

"Already during the development of the large-area collector, great importance was attached to selecting environmentally friendly materials. And in addition to environmentally friendly production, the documentation of yields is essential, ensuring that the system really delivers what it promises," says Robert Kanduth.

ONE. Number one.

GREENoneTEC is not only the world market leader, but also the only Austrian collector solar system manufacturer that is allowed to use the Austrian Ecolabel. And since 2017, for the family of large-area collectors. Why did Robert Kanduth want to be certified with the Hundertwasser label? Answer: "The Austrian Ecolabel has always played an important role for my company, but also for our customers. Great advantage: This state quality seal conveys to the customer at a glance that the quality is high, that the environmental concept is essential." Robert Kanduth thinks about it and then says, "We applied for Austrian Ecolabel certification specifically for our large-area collector because this key technology now plays a major role in the energy transition." He continues: "In the testing procedure, quality and ecology are once again independently confirmed by external experts. This brings added security, especially for Austrian projects."

TEC. Best technology.

Where are the state-certified collectors used? "The ÖZ large-area collector is used in district and local heating. However, it also plays a major role in multi-storey residential buildings, as here solar energy contributes a significant share to heating support and represents the cheapest energy generation." What arguments does Robert Kanduth now use to convince a potential customer to purchase a solar system? "Firstly: The sun does not charge! Secondly: Solar thermal is the cheapest technology, especially since in Europe we have to spend 50 % of the energy we use on heating water. In a single-family household, 75% of the energy is used to provide hot water - including heat for heating."

GREENoneTEC: From Austria to the whole world.

GREENoneTEC exports worldwide. Germany, Italy, Spain, Great Britain and France are also listed among the most important customer countries. But what was demand like in Austria itself in 2020? "Product demand in Austria was very restrained due to the pandemic. Due to the lockdowns, many installations could unfortunately not be realised," Robert Kanduth reports. "For 2021, we hope for a similar government subsidy in Austria as in Germany, in order to push solar thermal energy. That's why we are currently working on these subsidy conditions with the association 'Austria Solar'. They should start in Austria in March 2021. We already have a good subsidy programme for large-scale systems in Austria. This offer should remain in place to be able to generate local and district heating projects."

We would like to thank Robert Kanduth for the informative interview and congratulate GREENoneTEC on its thirtieth anniversary in 2021! The development of the company over these three decades is an Austrian success story - driven by sustainability, a vision of the founder and technical excellence!