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ORF Landesstudio Salzburg

Since the 1970ies the ORF Regional Studio in Salzburg has been located in the district of Nonntal in the city of Salzburg. For more than 60 years it had already produced audiovisual broadcasts. However, the first LIVE-broadcast of the Salzburger Festspiele - recorded by the forerunner of the ORF Salzburg - is even older.

Today the ORF Regional Studio in Salzburg offers local information via trimediality:  Its local radio station (Radio Salzburg) broadcasts news as well as open-line radio-talks and plays a variety of music including a good share of original Austrian folkmusic.  In addition, it also accounts for numerous productions and recordings of classical music to the national radio program Ö1. http://salzburg.ORF.at is an online site with the latest local news updates and general information about the ORF Regional Studio in Salzburg and its programs.  The local TV station in Salzburg (ORF Salzburg) is co-producer of TV-documentaries and the successful formats Österreich Bild am Sonntag, Erlebnis Österreich und Unterwegs in Österreich. During the Salzburg Festival in the summer ORF Salzburg successfully produces the weekly TV cultural program JedermannJedefrau, the program seen most at its time of broadcast in Austria.

364 days a year ORF Salzburg airs its TV news format Salzburg heute which has now been awarded the Austrian Environmental Award “Green Producing in Film and Television”.

https://salzburg.ORF.at/studio/stories/103/ - the direct link to Salzburg heute

For many years the TV news format Salzburg heute has been produced considering numerous environmental aspects.  It was only the logical next step that ORF Salzburg applied for the Green Producing Award for its news program Salzburg heute.  The following measures among many others have already been implemented on a daily routine and within the scope of the relevant work areas:

Environmentalism and sustainability at work

  • usage of regional products and cooperations with regional partners that comply with the requirements of the award
  • ecologically friendly mobility
    • employees are motivated to use public transportation or bicycles
    • public transportation (bus stop) is in walking distance
    • secure bicycle parking
    • car pooling to production sites
    • electric powered car (no atomic power) is available for production shootings and work-related commutes
  • ecologically friendly usage of drones (rather than helicopters) for aerial photography and filming
  • measures for energy efficiency and usage of renewable energy for power supplies
  • LED lamps in all rooms of the Regional Studio
  • environmentally friendly office management due to ecological paper, efficient office supplies und waste separation
  • ecologically friendly maintenance of the office building with ecological cleaning agents only
  • avoidance of plastic bottles for soft drinks and usage of renewable beakers (at the production site), glasses and cups (at the office)
  • usage of personalized aluminum beakers rather than single-use cups for employees
  • offering drinking water fountains rather than disposable bottles at the office
  • usage of natural cosmetic products by the make-up artists

TV garden
40 old tree species with an abundance of fruits, a garden pond, an insect hotel, two beehives and lots of fruit shrubs in the garden of the Regional Studio are free to visit and to snack from to all visitors and employees.
Sustainability throughout the program
There is an emphasis on the ORF sustainability projects like „Mother Earth“ („Mutter Erde“) as well on the ORF-Humanitarian-Broadcasting initiatives like „Light into Darkness („Licht ins Dunkel“) or „Neighbor in Need“ („Nachbar in Not“).

JedermannJedefrau - Das Salzburger Festspielmagazin
Salzburg heute

Salzburg Heute - produced by the ORF Regional TV Station in Salzburg (ORF Landesstudio Salzburg) - is the first daily[1] TV news format nationwide that has been granted the award “Green Producing in Film and Television” („Green Producing in Film und Fernsehen“).

Daily[1] at 7 pm local time (CET+1) Salzburg heute with its main focus on objective and independent broadcast of the local news concerning the city and county of Salzburg is aired LIVE from the ORF Regional TV Station in Salzburg. This news format is produced in due consideration of numerous environmental measures and is the preferred TV news format with an average of more than 120,000 viewers[2] each evening in the county of Salzburg at its time of broadcast.

More than 30 years ago – on May 2, 1988 – Salzburg heute was aired for the very first time. Politics, economy, culture, society, regional customs, sports – relevant, interesting, exciting, informative, local, daily – approx. 11,000 broadcasts with more than 81,000 stories: All these characteristics make up for the daily[1]  jour fixe for an average of more than 120,000 viewers[2] each evening.  With a market share of an average of 66 percent [2] Salzburg heute is thus the preferred TV news format in the county of Salzburg.

[1] Salzburg heute is aired 364 days a year – only on Christmas Eve there is no broadcast of Salzburg heute.

[2] Source: Teletest (2020/1-10)

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