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Vienna, Austria
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We bring SUSTAINABILITY and ENJOYMENT together. Under one roof, we offer effective communication and consultancy for wineries, innkeepers and food producers - and are also happy to organise green events for them. Together with our clients, we create a foundation for a good entrepreneurial future. Economical, sustainable and professional.

* Why GREEN Events & Meetings?
Because events are among the most important means of communication for (luxury) businesses. We ensure that they meet all ecological and social requirements. And with our industry know-how and best network, we guarantee that enjoyment - even exclusive enjoyment - is not neglected.

* What can an enjoyable green event be?
Press conference, workshop, meeting, trade fair, gala dinner, presentation, tasting, opening, ...

* So can green events and exclusive indulgence products be combined?
Absolutely! Because a little luxury now and then brightens up life. If you know how.

We personally take care of your company and your event. Give us a call! Tel. +43 1 905 34 38

Sylvia Petz, MA MSc
(Wine) Event Manager, Communication Consultant, Master of Sustainablity & Responsible Management,

Sylvia Petz | Agency for Organised Enjoyment
Gumpendorfer Straße 16/8, 1060 Vienna,

Sylvia Petz