How is an Ecolabel Directive developed?

An Ecolabel guideline is proposed by the "Advisory Council for the Ecolabel", an advisory panel of the Minister of the Environment. It is drawn up by an expert committee chaired by the Association for Consumer Information (VKI).

The expert committee is composed of representatives

So entstehen die Umweltzeichen Richtlinen
  • the administration (federal, state, local)
  • the social partners (business, employees)
  • the NGOs (environment, consumer protection)
  • and from exports in the subject area concerned

Once these process has been completed, the Ecolabel Advisory Board decides on publication by the Ministry of Climate Action.

This means:

  • The guidelines are independent of any particular supplier.
  • The guidelines incorporate the experience of all interest groups concerned, so they are very practice-oriented.

In order to keep up with current developments, existing guidelines are revised at regular intervals and new groups of suppliers are developed.
Detailed information on individual guidelines can be found in the guidelines overview. You are also welcome to send us your suggestions for new Ecolabel guidelines!