Volksschule Leobersdorf. Copyright: Christian Husar, Vienna

Climate protection - made simple!

The primary school in Leobersdorf demonstrates how climate protection can succeed with "simple" organisational measures.

Climate protection is understood to mean all measures that counteract global warming caused by humans and are intended to mitigate or prevent possible consequences of global warming. What possibilities do primary schools have to become active in climate protection? We visited the school in Leobersdorf as an example. It shows how it can be done!

Leobersdorf primary school. Since 2019, the primary school in Leobersdorf in Lower Austria (www.vsleobersdorf.at) has been awarded the Austrian Ecolabel. For headmistress Ruth Amon and the entire educational team, this is an enormous confirmation that they are on the right track with their pupils. In order to receive the Ecolabel designed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser, the primary school had to fulfil certain ecological requirements. These also concern climate protection!

"A considerate approach to our environment is of great concern to us," explains headmistress Ruth Amon. Therefore, remarkable projects relevant to the Austrian Ecolabel, such as an "insect hotel" or the "vegetable pyramid" are carried out at her school. But the school team also works practically and straightforwardly in matters of climate protection - and thus shows a high degree of initiative!

Heat problem: easily solved without air conditioning! In the summer months, the room temperature in two south-east facing classrooms in the school's new building rises above a tolerable level. At first, they wanted to buy an air-conditioning system, but then the primary school in Leobersdorf chose a simple but extremely effective solution: the lessons for the pupils in the classrooms mentioned above take place in the rooms of two after-school groups. These are located in the old building of the VS Leobersdorf. There, it remains cool due to the position of the sun. The room temperature is also bearable for the after-school children in the afternoon. Problem solved! Air conditioning avoided!

Simple measure - great effect! These are often relatively simple measures, but they do have an impact on climate protection! And have a great exemplary effect - as the decision of the primary school in Leobersdorf shows.