The "Cool in die Schul" Initiative at the middle school Gmünd. Copyright by Mittelschule Gmünd.

Cool to school

Ecolabel licensee Bacher Reisen motivates pupils in Carinthia to travel to school in an environmentally friendly way.

112 particularly climate-committed pupils in the Lieser-/Maltatal show how it's done: taking the school bus or walking not only pays off for the climate. They can all look forward to a cool, recycled roll-bag backpack, which was provided by the initiators of the campaign Bacher Reisen and the KEM Region Lieser-/Maltatal, as well as the company Pichorner metall technik GmbH from Gmünd as a token of appreciation.

Small, fine climate project raises sustainable awareness

Often it is the small things that slowly but steadily lead to the goal. Ride the school bus or walk to school. This is the simple motto of the "Cool to School" campaign. This means fewer private cars (mummy taxis) travelling to school, the air stays cleaner, the school grounds safer! The award-winning pupils aged 6 to 14 were aware of this fact. Even the school beginners were very enthusiastic when they received their prizes, saying that they can improve the climate and thus the world a little bit with their behaviour on the way to school.

The initiators are Bacher Reisen as the operator of the school buses - also an Ecolabel licence holder for travel offers - and Hermann Florian as the KEM Manager vom Lieser-/Maltatal, and they are very happy. After 1.5 years - the project started in September 2021 - they have actually succeeded in motivating more pupils to actively ride the school bus or to walk to school. In the current school year, 290 pupils are taking part in the "Cool to School" campaign. This is 50 pupils more than in the previous year. The points for the rewards are collected by smartphone or by scans on the bus and the school route pass for pedestrians.

Strong project support from teachers in the schools

This climate-conscious project is supported by the school headmasters and teaching staff in the region. The "Cool in die Schul" campaign was explained at parents' meetings and also in various climate school projects. Thus, it was possible to inform the pupils in detail about the possibilities of participation etc. in a very short time. All schools in the Lieser/Malta Valley participate: Schulentrum Rennweg, VS Eisentratten, VS Gmünd, MMS Gmünd, VS Trebesing and VS Malta.