Hanna Pessl - integrale Entwicklungspädagogik

Kierlinger Straße 118-122/1/2/2
3400 Klosterneuburg
Lower Austria, Austria
  • UZ-LicenseBE 074

Hanna Pessl has been an independent children's yoga teacher and founder of Integral Children's Yoga Pedagogy since 2011. As a mother of two children and a former educator, she knows only too well the worries, fears and feelings of powerlessness of many parents and teachers and is committed to a playful everyday (school) life with children and a protected childhood.

With this goal, she offers a wealth of opportunities for inspiration and knowledge transfer: She leads children's yoga training, workshops and an online community (the Inner Child Circle), creates materials and games herself and is currently writing her first book.

Her work is guided by the vision of giving adults access to their own inner child again, of preserving children's sense of wonder and play, and of thus accompanying a more peaceful and happy next generation into life.