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Museums as green ambassadors

Read about the Austrian Ecolabel on Kultur Management Network and find a wide range of further information on the cultural sector here.

After its foundation in 1996, Kultur Management Network developed into one of the leading information services and service providers for professionals and managers in the European cultural sector.

By providing a broad range of information and knowledge, Kultur Management Network today contributes to the professionalisation of the cultural sector and acts as a catalyst and mediator at the interfaces between culture, education, business and politics. Furthermore, Kultur Management Network sees its task in the promotion of interdisciplinary dialogue and international knowledge exchange between the actors in the cultural sector, in the consolidation and critical questioning of the job description of a cultural manager, as well as in accompanying and shaping the processes of change in today's cultural sector, especially through the transfer of know-how. Essential criteria for the services of Kulturmanagement Network are practical relevance and application orientation.

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