Class travel for a healthy climate

Bacher-Reisen from Radenthein shows how exciting sustainable school trips can be. The award of the Austrian Ecolabel confirms the environmentally friendly implementation.

So that "Fridays for Future" does not remain an empty phrase

With an excellent, environmentally friendly class trip, schools have a further building block for an environmentally sensitive, contemporary education for our children. A sustainable school trip corresponds to several goals of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) of the United Nations: High-quality education, sustainable consumption and climate protection measures.

Bacher-Reisen from Radenthein has put a lot of thought into making sustainable travelling possible for schoolchildren. The sustainability of three offers has already been confirmed by the Austrian Ecolabel, and others will certainly follow.

Climate-friendly and full of sustainable experiences

During the several-day cash-desk trip to Upper Austria, the young people spend the night in environmentally friendly accommodation, visit eco-companies, move around in nature, study animals and plants in the city and discover alternative energy in Welios. The social aspect is taken into account by dealing with the NS era and the Mauthausen camp. The result is a comprehensively sustainable experience.

Even on one-day tours you can discover a lot. Climate-friendly travel by coach, the Mur is experienced with all the senses: modern hydroelectric power, cycling along the river and picnicking in the recultivated river valley form a round, environmentally friendly excursion package.

Pupils can gain a special insight into nature with the "Ecological Footprint" as part of the Ranger LAB programme in Mallnitz.

Master in CO2-efficient driving

All trips are made by modern coaches of the lowest emission class EURO 6. However, the behaviour of the driver also has a major influence on fuel consumption and thus greenhouse gas emissions. The company's certification according to the ISO environmental standard ISO 14001 means that the drivers are trained in their driving behaviour: in 2017 Bacher-Reisen won the Eco Driving Challenge in Gothenburg, where bus drivers are awarded prizes for environmentally friendly driving.