NÖ Pflege- und Betreuungszentrum Schrems

Gärtnereistraße 2
3943 Schrems
Lower Austria, Austria
  • UZ-License1060
  • accessible
  • garden outside
  • WIFI
  • fair trade products available / fair trade partner
  • organic label
Additional Offers
  • communal catering
Business Location
  • distance to bus900 m
  • distance to town center900 m
  • distance to train5,10 km

Living and feeling well in the NÖ Pflege- und Betreuungszentrum Litschau - with us the focus is on the human being!

Our multi-professional team cares for an individual person-centered care and support of 80 ladies and gentlemen in our house. We attach great importance to the promotion of autonomous life skills, to self-determination and a high quality of life.

In addition, we offer in the public cafeteria a high quality food. We attach great importance to biological, seasonal and regional origin in the selection of food.