Tommi Hirsch Catering

Treustraße 35-43
1200 Wien
Vienna, Austria
Tommi Hirsch Catering Logo
  • UZ-License810
  • accessible
  • bicycle
  • AMA-Gastro-label
  • catering on site
  • fair trade products available / fair trade partner
  • organic label
Additional Offers
  • communal catering
Business Location
  • distance to bus100 m
  • distance to town center1,50 km
  • distance to train250 m

For more than ten years, the team of Tommi Hirsch is cooking in his culinary-cuisine or at your home. An uncompromising high level of freshness and quality of ingredients and openness to individual creations combined with a lot of joy at work are the recipe for success of this team.

Your events will be culinary experiences, whether business events, press conferences, gala dinners, receptions or private dinner for two.

Enjoy our delicious ideas - We are here at your service.

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