Amundi Austria GmbH

Schwarzenbergplatz 3
1010 Wien
Vienna, Austria
  • UZ-LicenseUW 1156

Amundi Austria GmbH belongs to the Amundi Group. As an asset manager, we use our expertise to support our clients in sustainable investments. We offer solutions tailored to your requirements for ESG (Environment, Society and Corporate Management), SRI (Socially Responsible Investing) and Impact Investing.
Responsible investing is one of the cornerstones of our development strategy. Own governance, specialized internal teams, active participation in market development: We work every day on the progress of responsible financial management.
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Amundi Öko Sozial Stock - AT0000A06Q23 (A), AT0000A06Q31 (T)
Amundi Öko Sozial Rent - AT0000A0FM61 (A), AT0000A0FM79, AT0000A0FMW8 (V)
Amundi CPR Climate Action - AT0000A28YT6 (A), AT0000A28YU4 (T), AT0000A28YV2 (I)
Amundi Ethik Fonds ausgewogen
Amundi Ethik Fonds – AT0000731575 (T), AT0000857164 (A), AT0000613146 (VA), AT0000646765 (VI), AT0000A1Z0C0 (I), AT0000A2CA25 (I2)


C 40 - AT0000629142
GF 224 – AT0000A0FNK1
GF EM Bond - AT0000A1EST2
VBV VK Euro Short Term Plus ESG - AT0000A17B19
VBV VK PIA HTM Fonds - AT0000A0V5S0