Gutmann Kapitalanlageaktiengesellschaft

Schwarzenbergplatz 16
1010 Wien
Vienna, Austria
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  • UZ-LicenseUW 1073

Gutmann Kapitalanlageaktiengesellschaft (Gutmann KAG) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bank Gutmann AG. The private bank Gutmann was founded in 1922, is specialized in asset management, and is the market leader in Austria. It is 80 percent owned by the Kahane family, another 20 percent are held by partners. Currently, the bank manages assets of over 19.5 billion euros. Gutmann customers include domestic and foreign entrepreneurs, foundations, wealthy private clients and families as well as institutional investors. Beyond banking, Bank Gutmann is involved in four long-term social projects (Mother-and-Child-House Immanuel of Caritas in Vienna, Youth Center in Vienna, Microcredit in Guatemala and Peru). Our asset management focuses on transparency, individual solutions, a cautious approach to risk and capital preservation measures.

In 2013, we began to strengthen our efforts to establish sustainable investments. This allows us to offer our clients the opportunity to build portfolios in accordance with ethical, social and ecological criteria.

More about Bank Gutmann and our funds can be found at

Energie Vorarlberg Fonds

ISIN: AT0000723911

Energie Vorarlberg Fonds II


GM 4


GM 5

ISIN: AT0000A1EQU4. AT0000A230N8

Gutmann Aktien Nachhaltigkeitsfonds

ISIN: AT0000A15M75, AT0000A269Q9, AT0000A2KA09

Gutmann Corporate Bond Nachhaltigkeitsfonds

ISIN: AT0000A29T64

The Gutmann Corporate Bond Nachhaltigkeitsfonds invests at least 51% of the fund's assets, in euro-denominated international corporate bonds. The fund invests exclusively in sustainable issuers that stand out through an environmentally and socially acceptable policies. Issuers that e.g. behave inconsiderately towards society or the environment, disregard basic rights or manufacture or allow harmful products, are excluded from an investment. The bonds and money market instruments to be acquired for the fund are not subject to any restrictions with regard to their ratings. An investment grade rating is aimed for for the average rating of directly acquired bonds and money market instruments.

Gutmann Euro Anleihen Nachhaltigkeitsfonds

ISIN: AT0000A15Q55 (A), AT0000A15Q63 (T)

Gutmann Euro Short Term Anleihen Nachhaltigkeitsfonds

ISIN: AT0000A15Q89 (T)

Gutmann Investor Renten Nachhaltig


Sirius 5

ISIN: AT0000856851

Sirius 5 is a mutual fund and invests in European stocks in compliance with the Austrian Umweltzeichen.

TM Equity EM and Japan Sustainable

ISIN: AT0000A2D9B8

TM Equity EM and Japan Sustainable is a mutual fund and invests in EM and Japan in compliance with the eco-label criteria.

TM Equity Europe Sustainable

ISIN: AT0000A2D9C6

TM Equity Europe Sustainable is a mutual fund and invests in European stocks in compliance with the eco-label criteria.

TM Equity US Sustainable

ISIN: AT0000A2D9D4

TM Equity US Sustainable is a mutual fund and invests in North American stocks in compliance with the eco-label criteria.