KEPLER-Fonds Kapitalanlagegesellschaft mbH

Europaplatz 1a
4020 Linz
Upper Austria, Austria
  • UZ-LicenseUW 1014

KEPLER-FONDS KAG, based in Linz, is TOP 4 among Austrian asset managers. We manage assets of around € 17 billion, including approximately € 1.6 billion in sustainable investments. Founded in 1998, KEPLER is a subsidiary of Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberösterreich (main shareholder with 64 percent of the shares). Sustainable investments have been part of our product universe for over 19 years, since the first sustainable equity fund was launched in 2000.
KEPLER co-operates with ISS-oekom as external sustainable research provider and renowned international rating agency. Twice a year, the KEPLER ESG committee, constituted by experts in different fields, is a platform for intense discussions on ESG issues and criteria.
KEPLER adheres to the “Eurosif Transpareny Code” for sustainability funds and is a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI) – thus, we commit to compliance to ESG aspects in all business activities. In 2017, KEPLER also signed the Montréal Carbon Pledge.
KEPLER stands for transparency in all activities. Comprehensive information can be found at

Kepler Ethik Aktienfonds
KEPLER Ethik Aktienfonds

ISIN: AT0000675657 (A), AT0000675665 (T), AT0000A1HSG2 (A-IT), AT0000A1A1E3 (T-IT)

Kepler Ethik Mix Ausgewogen
KEPLER Ethik Mix Ausgewogen

ISIN: AT000ETHIKT8 (T), AT000ETHIKA8 (A), AT000026Z93 (T-IT), AT0000A26Z85 (A-IT), AT0000A26ZA7 (T Portfolio Management)

Kepler Ethik Mix Dynamisch
KEPLER Ethik Mix Dynamisch

ISIN: AT0000A2RJ45 (A), AT0000A2RJ52 (T), AT0000A2RJ60 (T Portfolio Management Ethik Mix Dynamisch)

KEPLER Ethik Mix Solide

ISIN: AT0000A19288 (A), AT0000A19296 (T), AT0000A192A7 (A-IT), AT0000A2CN95 (T-Portfolio Management), AT0000A192B5 (T-IT)

Kepler Ethik Quality Aktienfonds
KEPLER Ethik Quality Aktienfonds

ISIN: AT0000799820 (A), AT0000722657 (T)

KEPLER Ethik Rentenfonds

ISIN: AT0000815006 (A), AT0000642632 (T), AT0000A1A1F0 (T-IT)

Kepler Umwelt Aktienfonds
KEPLER Umwelt Aktienfonds

ISIN: AT000UMWELT5 (T), AT0000A2STU6 (IT) (T)