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With certified products for office and school you keep the overview! Whether copy paper, exercise books, toner, office equipment or office furniture, the diverse range of products satisfy the highest standards of product benefit and environmental protection. Many print shops have also been awarded the Austrian Ecolabel because of their exemplary environmental management.

New guide: Sustainable school bags for our climate

The first school bag of one's own awakens the excitement in first graders about the upcoming start of school. When choosing a model, the design is usually crucial for the new generation. Special attention should be paid to the ergonomics and sustainability of the school bag - which will hopefully be used for several years.  You can also pay attention to the environment when buying school supplies and buy sustainable products.


Refill: Keep toner moduls in circulation!

Since two years, the company Eurotoner has been newly owned by two entrepreneurs from the district of Melk and currently employs nine people at the company's location in Persenbeug-Gottsdorf. The company has 30 years of experience in the recycling of toner and practical environmental protection. Now Eurotoner is the new licensee of the Austrian Ecolabel for "refillable toners".


Modern office- Green Office

For 30 years environmental protection has become a real topic in our offices. The main focus originally was on waste separation and collection. Later the use of recycling paper and cartonage became dominant and changed the appearance of offices. In Austria there was a legandary filing system from office company Bene that became the first product awarded with the Austrian Ecolabel.

Sustainable school supplies conquer the store racks - the joint effort pays off!

With the initiative "Clever shopping for schools", the Ministry of Climate Action and the commerce in Austria are promoting climate-friendly and low-waste school articles. The demand for environmentally friendly school articles is rising: Manufacturers and retailers are increasingly convincing with low-waste and climate-friendly products.

The school shopping can begin

Parents whose children are attending school for the first time usually start buying school supplies earlier. But also for higher classes, purchases are not only made in the last moment before school starts. Many people wish for less plastic and more climate protection. But how do parents and their children know what a sustainable product is?

ACTION UmweltTipp! 1 June - 30 September

Together with our cooperation partners in the retail trade, we are once again drawing attention to high-quality and environmentally friendly school articles with the UmweltTipp!

Less plastic and more climate protection when shopping for school

Writing, lace, painting, drawing, gluing, having a snack without plastic and with climate protection - the initiative Clever shopping for schools shows how this can be done. Parents can set an example at their next school purchase in paper shops, because climate protection starts with buying the right school supplies.

Drinking at the office and on the road - but without litter!

Sufficient drinking is essential for concentrated work and good performance. If you prefer to drink from a glass, you should have a bottle ready to refill so that you don't have to get up every time. Drinking bottles are ideal. However, in the interests of the environment, nothing should be made of plastic. Disposable plastic bottles, in particular, create a veritable flood of waste, which places a heavy burden on the environment and mankind.

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