Electric cars in the driving school

Electric cars are becoming more and more popular. They are environmentally friendly, efficient and have lower running costs for a driving school. They also have advantages when learning to drive and therefore it is only logical to use them in driving schools. In a video, Mr Skarabela explains to you exactly why.

I find e-mobility very interesting because it can be seen as a transition from a fossil-fuelled infrastructure to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly infrastructure. I see it as the future of transport. At the Skarabela driving school, you can get your first experience with electric cars as a learner driver.

Within the framework of my voluntary environmental year, which I am completing at the Austrian Ecolabel, I decided to create this information video about electric cars in driving licence training out of this interest.

What are the different aspects to consider? What are the differences between learning with a normal car and an electric car? How does learning with an electric car affect the practical driving test? These are some frequently asked questions on this topic. In an interview, Mr Skarabela was able to give me some insight into the topic.

You can see all the information in this video.

Video Skarabela

Thank you very much for the support of the Skarabela driving school and the interview! It was a great experience and I was able to learn a lot.