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Upper Austria, Austria
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The Rabmer Group has been active in the field of environmental technology for many years and specialises in renewable energy, water and waste water. The ECOWATERJET is an important component in the product range and enables high savings of (hot) water when showering with full showering comfort.

Around a third of the total water consumption in households, hotels and sports centres is used for showers and personal hygiene alone - a huge amount! This is where saving pays off. However, conventional economy shower heads have one major disadvantage: less water also means less showering comfort. With the patented ECOWATERJET technology, we have the solution - a small turbine, which can be installed quickly and easily by anyone, generates a highly turbulent water-air mixture, which saves around 40 per cent water and energy and therefore also costs - without reducing the intensity of the shower jet. This makes the ECOWATERJET an excellent solution for private households, hotels, health resorts, sports facilities, student residences as well as industrial and commercial enterprises with sanitary facilities.

With more than 30,000 ECOWATERJETs sold, around 510 million litres of water, 20 million kWh of energy for hot water production and 6540 tonnes of CO2 

Find out more at www.ecowaterjet.com

Click here to access our savings calculator (energy, water, CO2 and operating costs): https://www.ecowaterjet.com/einsparrechner/ 

ECOWATERJET WR11 Badezimmerset

With the patented ECOWATERJET® technology, a highly turbulent water-air mixture, which saves around 36 percent water and energy and thus also costs is produced through a small turbine. The technology works completely without any noticable decrease in comfort and is easily installed by everyone.

Ecowaterjet by RabmerEcowaterjet by RabmerEcowaterjet by RabmerEcowaterjet by RabmerEcowaterjet by Rabmer