E-Werk Gröbming KG

Gewerbestraße 1166
8962 Gröbming
Styria, Austria
  • UZ-LicenseUW 1322

The power company “E-Werk Gröbming”  has devoted itself 100% to renewable energy generation since its foundation over 110 years ago. Now exclusively eco-electricity is generated in 12 small hydroelectric plants in the Niedere Tauern not far from Schladming.
Moreover, we operate several solar power plants and in addition we build 40 solar power plants per year on average for our clients. So we enable our clients to also take part in the energy revolution themselves. Our own network of electric vehicle charging points is of course also supplied exclusively with eco-electricity. You can still charge up with eco-electricity free of charge right by our hydroelectric plants in the Sölktäler. We are consistently continuing down this route with the “Eco-electricity with an Austrian label” product.

Ökostrom mit Österreichischem Umweltzeichen