Ofenbau Jussel

Klein Wetzles 35
3920 Groß Gerungs
Lower Austria, Austria
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  • UZ-LicenseUW 918

Stove setter Richard Jussel runs his company "Ofenbau + Feuerstellen" in Lower Austria's Groß-Gerungs. There, with the support of Ulrike Jussel, he produces tiled stoves, cookers, whole-house heating, fireplace heating systems and bread and pizza ovens. Since 1999, Jussel has also specialized in the development of efficient ovens for cooking and heating in developing countries as a freelancer for the interdisciplinary Institute for Development Cooperation at the University of Linz. He also worked as a consultant in the US, where furnace builders have started using Austrian combustion technology.
Richard Jussel was also involved in the development of the "UmweltPlus" combustion chamber, which is a prototype for tiled stoves that meet all the requirements of the UZ 37 guideline, on the basis of which the Austrian Ecolabel is awarded. In 2010, in collaboration with the technicians of the Experimental and Research Institute of the Austrian Tile Furnace Association, he produced the very first tiled stove that was awarded this prize.

tiled stove

handgesetzter Ofen mit Brennraum UmweltPlus 1,6 - 10,8 kW
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