Green Energy

Green Energy is sometimes seen as a controversially discussed topic because for some people even nuclear energy  is regarded as environmentally friendly. Certified Green Energy with the Austrian Ecolabel is based on circular approaches, renewable energies and sustainable provision of energy. We are sure that will be the better way on the long run.


Energy contracting - a project for the future

Energy contracting? Two experts, Bruno Oberhuber; GF Energie Tirol and Johann Hafner, GF BC Regionalenergie (LN), explain to us the basic principles and advantages of this option for saving energy.

Energy must be used carefully. This is clear. It is also understood and everyone is pleased that the reduction of energy costs will reduce costs. But how best to save energy? That is where energy contracting provides the answer.

Low-cost and eco-friendly heating

Tips for efficient heating from the Austrian Ecolabel

The current heating season reaches its peak in December. To save energy costs, it depends on the fuel and the heating system. Heating with wood is the cheapest and at the same time the most eco-friendly. Those who use another form of heating can still effectively reduce energy costs with tips from the Austrian Ecolabel.

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