On the right track since 1982: Harreither GmbH received the Ecolabel

Harreither GmbH is a family business founded in 1982 and based in Gaflenz, Upper Austria. The company is successfully engaged in the development and manufacture of plastic pipes and fittings for surface heating & cooling as well as drinking water systems with the highest quality requirements.

"As a family, we chose the ecological way back in 1982. It was important for us from the very beginning to focus on highest quality. Producing the cheapest raw materials and thus hazardous waste was and will never be part of the Harreither philosophy. We have now also received official recognition for this attitude which has lasted for years", Dr. Raimund Harreither is pleased to say. After all, the Austrian family-owned company was already awarded the Austrian Ecolabel for building products made of plastic in March 2020. This makes Harreither GmbH the first company in the federal state of Upper Austria which is allowed to use the well-known state seal of approval for this product group.

From Gaflenz to Europe. Harreither GmbH is a family business founded in 1982 and based in Gaflenz, Upper Austria. The company is successfully engaged in the development and production of surface heating and cooling systems as well as drinking water systems with the highest quality standards. The company exports to Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Slovakia, Hungary, Greece and Belgium. "In these countries, the Austrian quality is highly appreciated", knows managing director Dr. Raimund Harreither.

Made in Austria! Therefore, Harreither GmbH exclusively produces in Austria. Dr. Harreither makes it clear: "It is and will remain an integral part of our philosophy to research, develop and produce in Austria. We are clearly committed to the location Gaflenz and thus to Austria. We carry the Austrian quality mark for more than 90 % of our system products and have also been an Austrian model plant since 1996".

Construction products made of plastic. The company receives the Hundertwasser mark for plastic pipes and fittings, drinking water pipes and corresponding fittings according to UZ 41 „Construction products made of plastic“. The award-winning products are used for drinking water pipes and installed in surface heating and cooling systems intended for residential, industrial and commercial use.

Recyclable. The certified products are made of polypropylene throughout. Dr. Harreither explains to us: "This material is perfect to process and can be welded together when joints are made. These are important aspects with regard to durability and safety. In addition, we regranulate leftover pieces and use them again as raw material for fastening systems".

Focus on sustainable development. As the company has been committed to ecologically responsible plastics for a long time, the idea of applying for the Austrian Ecolabel was obvious. Dr. Raimund Harreither commented: "We are proud to be allowed to use the Austrian Ecolabel for our products. Because: In principle, we have lived the environmental idea since our foundation: With holistic solutions from heat/cold distribution to renewable heat/cold generation and control. This combination enables maximum energy efficiency and at the same time the highest level of living comfort. The recyclability of our panel heating and cooling systems was also an important pillar from the very beginning. It is in our DNA that we constantly question and optimise our processes in the direction of environmental compatibility".

Rohre für Fussbodenheizung

Healthy heating and cooling. That is the motto of Harreither GmbH. Because "Health and well-being are basic human needs. As we spend more than two thirds of our life in rooms, we strive to create healthy living areas exactly there. With invisibly integrated system solutions, we transform floors, walls and ceilings into comfortable heating and cooling surfaces. For a perfect room climate - quiet, gentle and invisible. But health also affects the environment. With our innovative and recyclable system solutions we achieve high efficiency and protect the environment. Our slogan 'Living comfortably - protecting the environment' which we have been using for decades is more important today than ever before", Dr. Harreither explains the philosophy of his house.

Ecological solutions. Are the building owners aware of the Austrian Ecolabel? Dr. Harreither answers: "We notice that more and more building owners are looking for holistically economical and ecological solutions when building a house or constructing a building. Of course, this also applies to building services. Here, the Austrian Ecolabel will certainly help us in the future, as it stands for the fulfilment of the requirements mentioned above".

Social Fund & E-Bikes. The company currently employs 114 people in Austria. And it is very aware of its social responsibility towards its team. Dr. Harreither reports: "We have stood by the region for 38 years and are committed to securing jobs in the long term. For 24 years, we have had a social fund which is available to our team members in case of personal hardship. In addition, we are pushing the company health management in the areas of nutrition and exercise. We have also purchased e-bikes to make regional mobility more environmentally friendly. And for 34 years, we have been offering ongoing opportunities for personal and vocational training within the framework of the Harreither Academy.

Into the future with the Austrian Ecolabel. Are there plans to obtain the Austrian Ecolabel for other product groups as well? The answer of Dr. Harreither: "To stand still would be a step backwards. Of course, we will take further steps in this direction, especially for new products such as solar cooling".

Environmental commitment - excellent! The commitment of the Austrian family company Harreither GmbH is therefore extremely welcome and important. We therefore congratulate once again on being awarded the Austrian Ecolabel!