KOOP Live Marketing GmbH & Co KG

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1010 Wien
Vienna, Austria
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In order to convince people, you must leave an impression

Orchestrating companies, presenting products and vitalizing people. And best with passion! Nowadays events are a vital part of every effective communication strategy. Staged right they are THE platform for creativity, emotion, information and entertainment. The crux: every event is unique and unrepeatable. There is only one chance to impress and convince! This should be put to best use.

Events – made by KOOP – surprise, impress, motivate and convince. And they will definitely be remembered: undeletable and permanently. Whether it is about content or technique, staging or dramaturgy, logistics or service: With the marketing goal always kept in mind, we plan your event right down to the minute detail and realise it perfectly! Of course always in an experience and result oriented manner! KOOP guarantees that your event runs smoothly: tenderings, approval procedures, graphics and printed materials, equipment and set-up, personnel, side events, supporting program, sponsor acquisition, PR work, marketing and last but not least sustainability are of course included.

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