Greenovations Fest- und Messeveranstaltungs GmbH

Katschberghöhe 35
9863 Rennweg
Carinthia, Austria
  • UZ-LicenseGM 103

The Greenovations Messe- und Veranstaltungs GmbH (hereinafter referred to as "Greenovations GmbH" for short) attaches particular importance to ecological, social and economic sustainability. Therefore, it was decided to implement future events as green. Greenovations GmbH strives to consider the three dimensions of sustainability (ecological, social and economic) equally and interconnected.

Companies benefit from public relations & marketing and from knowledge management for the implementation of green events.


Environmental Sustainability:

In our work, we strive to implement events of all kinds in a sustainable manner. This means that we use energy carefully, use water sparingly, avoid waste as far as possible in the sense of the waste pyramid, reduce it, reuse it, separate it and recycle it carefully or compost it. The use of cleaning agents and other chemicals is avoided as far as possible, or only environmentally friendly products are used.


In the area of mobility, we strive to limit individual transportation to a large extent and to switch to or promote public transportation or environmentally friendly alternatives.


In administration, we rely on a paperless office or environmentally certified paper products.


Social sustainability:

We focus on social sustainability and regularly train our employees on environmental criteria, environmentally friendly behavior in the workplace and compliance with the criteria for the Austrian ecolabel "Green Events". We attach importance to accessibility, gender equality and try to create optimal conditions for all.


For us, economic sustainability means pushing local businesses for events and maintaining or promoting value creation in the region.