What does the Ecolabel provide for companies?

Federal, state and local authorities increasingly prefer eco-labelled products in public procurement. In addition to consumers, you as an Ecolabel company can count companies certified with EMAS or other environmental awards among your clientele.

By paying the fee, the company acquires the right to use the Ecolabel for its labelled products or services, e.g. on packaging, in brochures or in marketing campaigns. This provides companies with a uniform instrument for communicating their environmental commitment to the outside world and thus opening up new customer segments.

Financial support is available in some federal states for implementing the requirements of the Ecolabel. In addition, the Ministry of Climate Action carries out marketing activities for licensees, the companies are listed in the Ecolabel brochures and on the homepage. The Ecolabel is awarded by the Minister of Climate Action in a way that is effective for the public.