Privacy statement

The responsible use of personal data is a matter of priority for the Federal Chancellery. We want to make sure you to know what kind of data we collect and how we use it.

We have taken technical and organisational measures to ensure that data protection regulations are respected both by us and by our external service providers.

Further development of our web pages and the implementation of new technologies may result in changes to our privacy policy. We therefore recommend that you revisit this privacy statement from time to time.

Legal basis

Until 25 May 2018, the Federal Chancellery website will store and process data solely in accordance with the Austrian Data Protection Act 2000 (Federal Act concerning the Protection of Persona Data as amended (DSG 2000) – in German). From 25 May 2018, these web pages will be subject to the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (GDPR) as well as the provisions of the Data Protection Act in the version dated 25 May 2018 (DSG) as amended by the Data Protection Amendment Act.

The Federal Chancellery of the Republic of Austria is the “controller” (“Auftraggeber”) of your data as defined in the DSG 2000 and the “controller” as defined in the DSG and GDPR.

Unless otherwise explicitly stated, the legal basis for the storing and processing or publishing of personal data on the Federal Chancellery website is the Austrian Federal Ministries Act 1986, Federal Law Gazette No. 76/1986 as amended (German), part 2 of the appendix to § 2 (information activity of the Federal Government).

Personal data that you disclose to us

Any data that you disclose to us via online forms or by email (for instance, when using the contact form, when signing up for our newsletter or events, and when providing responses to questions) will be handled responsibly by our staff and used solely in accordance with and for the purposes of this application. It is at your discretion whether you wish to share this data with us. Corresponding information relating to data protection is available from the respective website or application.

When you order informational material, brochures or products, you will be asked to provide your name and other personal information. It is at your discretion whether you wish to share this data with us. The personal information you provide when placing an order will only be used for the purposes of processing the order. This includes passing the information onto distributors commissioned by the Federal Chancellery.

Any other enquiries you make with the Federal Chancellery will be stored on paper or in electronic form in accordance with the applicable time limits for the safekeeping of written records. We will only use your information for the purposes of directly corresponding with you.

Publication of information containing personal data

Personal data (for example, details of members of committees and working groups) is published on the information pages of the Federal Chancellery’s website, subject to the explicit consent of the persons concerned, to allow for networking and contacts to be established.
Personal information is published in news media in the public interest and on the legal basis of Article 6(1)(e) of the GDPR.

Server logs

Each time you access the Austrian Chancellery website, the following data will be stored in a log file (server log) for a limited period (30 days):

  • your IP address
  • details of the request and the destination address
  • name of the requested file and volume of data transferred
  • date and time of server request
  • a report as to whether the request was successful
  • processing time of the request
  • user agent
  • referrer
  • http protocol version
  • http method

This data is used solely to check system security. We will not analyse personal data, nor will we use it to create user profiles.

Nevertheless, we reserve the right to analyse your IP address in the case of an attack on the Federal Chancellery’s network infrastructure.


Cookies are small text files stored on your computer, enabling the website to recognise your device when you return to the page in the future. Information contained in cookies is used to manage web sessions, as well as to balance loads on the server and for analytical purposes (Matomo cookies). It is also used to increase the security of our applications and to make them more adaptable and easier to use. This allows us to optimise the user friendliness of our website. No personal data is stored in the cookies used on our website.

You can disable cookies by changing the settings in your browser. Should you choose to block cookies, this will not affect your general ability to use our website.

Analysis tool Matomo

The website uses Matomo, which enables a statistical analysis of website use to be conducted using cookies. To this end, usage information is sent; however, your IP address is immediately anonymized during this process. Personal data is therefore not stored for the purposes of statistical analysis.

Matomo Privacy Policy

User profiles

No personally identifiable user profiles are created on this website.

Disclosure of personal data to third parties

Data that is logged when users visit the Federal Chancellery’s website will only be disclosed to third parties if this is required by law or court ruling, or if it becomes necessary for legal action or prosecution in the event of attacks on the Federal Chancellery’s web infrastructure.

Personal data provided when ordering informational materials, brochures or products will only be used within the Federal Chancellery and the companies commissioned to process the order.

This information will not be disclosed to third parties for commercial or non-commercial purposes without the user’s express consent.

Protection of minors

Persons under the age of 14 should not communicate any personal data to websites without the consent of parents or guardians. We do not request personal data from children or young persons. We do not knowingly collect such data nor pass it on to third parties.

Social media privacy policy

The ongoing debate about data protection in social networks is a matter that the Federal Chancellery takes very seriously. At this time, there is no clear legal position as to whether and to what extent all the social networks' services comply with European data protection provisions.

We would therefore like to expressly draw your attention to the fact that the Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube services used by the Federal Chancellery collect and store users’ data (for instance, personal information, IP address) as described in their privacy policy and use it for commercial purposes.

The Federal Chancellery has no influence on the collection and use of data by social networks. It has no knowledge about the scope, location or duration of data storage, nor to what extent the networks comply with existing requirements to delete data, how data is analysed or linked, or to whom the data is disclosed.

Links to third-party websites

Our website contains links to third-party web pages. We have no control over these providers’ compliance with data protection provisions.

Your rights

You have the fundamental rights to request information, rectification, deletion, restriction, data portability, withdrawal of consent, and objection. If you believe that the processing of your data breaches data protection law or that your rights under data protection law have been infringed in any other way, you may file a complaint with the supervisory authority. In Austria, this is the Data Protection Authority (Datenschutzbehörde).


The Federal Chancellery is responsible for the processing of data.

You may contact us as follows:

Federal Chancellery of Austria, Department I/12/b Federal Chancellery Websites
Ballhausplatz 2
1010 Vienna, Austria
Phone: +43 1 531 15-20 2368

Contact details for the Federal Chancellery’s Data Protection Officer:

Ulrike Wimmer-Heller
Federal Chancellery of Austria
Data Protection Officer
Ballhausplatz 1
1010 Vienna, Austria
Phone: +43 1 531 15-20 2313

ECO 021
ECO 049
Bed Mattresses ECO 014
Rinse-off cosmetic products ECO 030
Lubricants ECO 027
ECO 022
Absorbent Hygiene Products ECO 047

Criteria documents, fact sheets, user manuals and further information are available at the homepage of the European Ecolabel.

Dishwasher detergents ECO 015
Hand Dishwashing Detergents ECO 019
Hard surface cleaning products ECO 020
Indoor Cleaning Services ECO 052
Industrial and institutional dishwasher detergents ECO 038
Industrial and institutional laundry detergents ECO 039
Laundry detergents ECO 006
Rinse-off cosmetic products ECO 030
Tissue Paper made from Recycled Paper ECO 004
ECO 022
Converted Paper Products ECO 046

This Guideline was replaced by the EU Commission from 1st Jan. 2021 with the guideline

ECO 053 EU Ecolabel criteria for printed paper, stationery paper, and paper carrier bag products.

Current Licencees will be listet under ECO 046 until their licens runs out or May  2022 latest.

Copying and Graphic Paper ECO 011
EU Ecolabel criteria for printed paper, stationery paper, and paper carrier bag products ECO 053
UZ Guideline: Full version
Printed products ECO 028
ECO 017
UZ Guideline: Full version
Textile Products ECO 016
Tourist Accomodations ECO 051

Informationen and application for accomodation providers:

Educational Institutions BILDUNG
institution of further education UZ 302
Kindergardens/nurseries UZ 303
Schools and Teacher Training Colleges UZ 301
Green Meetings and Green Events UZ 62
UZ 39
UZ 79
UZ 80
Bed Mattresses UZ 55
Building Materials made of Plastics UZ 41

Many building materials today are made of plastic. But there are alternatives to the conventional systems without polluting components, such as halogens or toxic heavy metals. Additional environmental benefits come from the use of mineral fillers (such as talcum) and changes in the wall structure that help to minimize the use of raw materials.

Elastic Floor Coverings UZ 42
Energy- and Water-saving Hand and Head Showers UZ 71
UZ Guideline: Short version
Exhibition stand construction UZ 75
Floor Care Products UZ 63
UZ Guideline: Full version
Floor Coverings UZ 56
Furniture UZ 06
UZ Guideline: Full version
Insulating Materials made of Mineral Raw Materials UZ 45
Insulation Products made of Renewable Raw Materials UZ 44
Low Emission Upholstered Furniture UZ 54
Office chairs UZ 34
Peat-free Growing Media, Fertilizers, Composts, Soil adiitives and Soils made from Compost UZ 32
Solar Collectors and Solar Heating Systems UZ 15
Textile Floor Coverings UZ 35
Textiles UZ 69
UZ Guideline: Full version
Toys UZ 73
Varnishes, Glazes and Wood Sealers UZ 01
Wall Paint UZ 17

Low-pollutant wall paints are applied over large areas and are therefore particularly important for the quality of indoor air. Most people spend about 90 % of their time indoor. Some solvents and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs and SVOCs) can affect a room’s air for months after the painting.
The present Guideline allows the labelling of indoor wall paints that contain only traces of organic solvents and SVOCs and do not contain biocidal active substances for film or object conservation. To keep the risk of allergies as low as possible the use of biocidal active substances for in-can conservation is strictly regulated. Ingredients which have a harmful effect on health or may have negative impacts on the environment are largely excluded from use. In addition, sufficient fitness for use of the paint must be proved.
A detailed declaration is to allow safe and proper application of paints as well as the environmentally sound disposal of product residues. This ensures that paints which have been awarded the Ecolabel represent an environmentally sound alternative on all levels of the product cycle.

UZ Guideline: Full version
Wallpapers and Wood-chip Wall Coverings made primarily of Recycled Paper UZ 53
Water and Energy saving Sanitary Fittings and Fixtures UZ 33
UZ Guideline: Short version
Waterproof Heat-Insulating Materials Made of Fossil Materials UZ 43
Wood fired heating systems UZ 37
UZ Guideline: Full version
Wood, Wood-based Materials and Floor Coverings made of Wood UZ 07
UZ 80
Biomass-based Fuel UZ 38
Efficient Energy Services UZ 50
Green Electricity UZ 46
UZ Guideline: Full version
Solar Collectors and Solar Heating Systems UZ 15
Wood fired heating systems UZ 37
UZ Guideline: Full version
Green Producing in films and TV productions UZ 76
Sustainable Investment Products UZ 49
UZ Guideline: Full version
Compostable flower arrangements and wreaths UZ 29
Garden supplies UZ 61
Lubricants UZ 14
Ornamental Plants UZ 51
Peat-free Growing Media, Fertilizers, Composts, Soil adiitives and Soils made from Compost UZ 32
Plant care and phytosanitary products UZ 52
UZ Guideline: Short version
Weather-resistant Wood Products UZ 28
Compostable paper products UZ 25
UZ Guideline: Full version
Dishwasher detergents UZ 20
Energy- and Water-saving Hand and Head Showers UZ 71
UZ Guideline: Short version
Floor Care Products UZ 63
UZ Guideline: Full version
Hand Dishwashing Detergents UZ 19
Hard surface cleaning products UZ 30
Industrial and institutional dishwasher detergents UZ 67
Industrial and institutional laundry detergents UZ 68
Laundry detergents UZ 21
UZ Guideline: Short version
Reusable containers for beverages and reusable cup systems UZ 26
Rinse-off cosmetic products UZ 58
Textile-Rental Service UZ 70
Tissue Paper made from Recycled Paper UZ 04
Toys UZ 73
Windscreen de-icers UZ 64
Carsharing UZ 77
Driving Schools UZ 59
UZ Guideline: Short version
Low Emission Transport Systems UZ 66
Multi Modal Mobility UZ 27
UZ 24
Grafic Paper UZ 02
Office and School Supplies UZ 57
Office chairs UZ 34
Photocopying machines UZ 16
Printed products UZ 24
UZ Guideline: Full version
Recycled paper products UZ 18
Reprocessing of colour media UZ 11
Footwear UZ 65
Textile-Rental Service UZ 70
Textiles UZ 69
UZ Guideline: Full version
Tourism businesses TOURISMUS
Campsites UZ 205
Tourism and Leisure-time Industry UZ 200
UZ Guideline: Full version
Travel offers UZ 72