Indorama Ventures Schoeller Wool Austria GmbH

Hintere Achmühlerstraße 1
6850 Dornbirn
Vorarlberg, Austria
  • EcoLabel numberAT/016/006

The Schoeller spinning group is a family-run textile company founded in 1849 and headquartered in Hard. The company currently employs around 480 people at three locations.

Product divisions:
industrial yarns
Laundry and functional yarns
Automotive yarns
Technical yarns
hosiery yarns

The focus of the Schoeller strategy is on the sustainability of the products and production processes.
The sustainable and innovative orientation is anchored in the corporate mission statement. Schoeller has already received the coveted "bluesign Award" and is actively involved in the International Association of Natural Textile Industry (IVN) and the international Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

EU ECO W32/2 ECRU 85W/15N. Type: 59671. Rohweiß
EU ECO W36/2 ECRU 85W/15N. Type: 59670. Rohweiß
EU ECO WV/PA20/2 92W/8N 27µ. Type: 54723. Rohweiß und gefärbt
EU ECO WV/PA36/2 92W/8N 27µ. Type: 55133. Rohweiß und gefärbt
Furniture Wool Eu Eco Label 32/2. Type: 54841. Rohweiß und Gefärbt
RW85/15WV/PA18/2EUWo. Type: 54800. Rohweiß
WV SW 100%WV 55/1. Type: 59793. Rohweiss und gefärbt
ZEFIR Long 100%WV 44/1. Type: 59848. Rohweiss und gefärbt
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