Linz Textil GmbH

Wiener Straße 435
4030 Linz
Upper Austria, Austria
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  • EcoLabel numberAT/016/003

The guiding principles of Linz Textil Holding Aktiengesellschaft as the group's parent company have always been continuity, stability and long-standing co-operations. A far-sighted financial policy, coupled with the declared objective of quality leadership, has constantly represented an integral part of the group's philosophy.

As the european leading spinning and weaving company with many different sites, we offer you first-class products in the fields of textile, weaving, technical fabrics and yarns. We would be happy to provide you with further informations about our portfolio.

profesh® - Tencelgarne und Gewebe (Ring-‚ OE- und AJ-gesponnen)
sensolite® - Modalgarne und Gewebe (Ring-‚ OE- und AJ-gesponnen)
viscoblend® - Viskosegarne und Gewebe (Ring-‚ OE- und AJ-gesponnen)