Lenzing Aktiengesellschaft

Werkstraße 2
4860 Lenzing
Upper Austria, Austria
  • EcoLabel numberAT/016/001

For our partners in the textile and nonwoven industry, Lenzing’s cellulose and fibers are their starting point to value creation. Together with our customers we develop solutions that add value to their businesses and products. Our relationships, however, expand even further: from B2B to B2C. With consumers’ needs and perspectives in mind, we cooperate with renown fashion brands. While adding value to their business, we ourselves are increasingly acknowledged as a premium consumer brand.

It’s a long way from the forest to the product in the shop. Turning cellulose fiber into a luxuriously soft blouse on a boutique rack or a smart sports outfit with perfect thermal regulation involves numerous stages and specialists. More often than not, these stages and specialists are rather disconnected.

This is where Lenzing plays a key role by doing much more than supplying fibers. All our business customers—spinners, weavers, mills, dye works and converters, but also fashion brands and retailers—highly regard us as their committed, reliable partner because we understand their needs, share insights and think ahead together.

Thus, we support success and profitability of all our customers along the entire value chain. Be it the generation of ideas or the detection of new trends—in any case our specialists are ready to develop individual, tailor-made models for mutually beneficial collaborations.

LENZING™ Lyocell

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LENZING™ Viscose

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