Lenzing Papier GmbH

Werkstraße 2
4860 Lenzing
Upper Austria, Austria
  • EcoLabel numberAT/011/002

Lenzing Papier is very much involved in sustainable paper making and strives to supply customers with modern paper products, supporting them in their businesses as good as possible. To secure the functionality of our products is a very important task for us. For industrial, trading or private applications, the economics must be safeguarded through an excellent usability of the papers supplied. We consider the ecological design of our products of equal importance, which starts at the right choice and transportation of raw materials and includes energy generation and consumption, processes as well as the ecological treatment of waste and effluent.

Balance Pure
Lenza Top Recycling
Recystar Color
Recystar Nature
Recystar Polar
Recystar Polar Digital
Refutura Jet
Vivus 103
Vivus 89
Vivus Color