Wibis AG

Obfelderstrasse 31
8910 Affoltern am Albis
  • EcoLabel numberAT/020/036

Professionelle Reinigungssysteme in der Schweiz

Die Wibis AG ist der führende Ansprechpartner in der Schweiz, wenn es um Fragen der professionellen Reinigung von Gebäuden geht. Unsere Produkte sind aufeinander abgestimmt und garantieren als komplettes System ein optimales Reinigungsergebnis. Wir führen ein umfassendes Sortiment an

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ECO Alkoholreiniger
8912 ECO Alkoholreiniger

Cleaner with the added power of alcohol. Good flow, drying without streaks. Applicable everywhere where cleaning is done with water. Suitable for manual use and for use with machines and mop device.

ECO Wischpflege
8914 ECO Wischpflege

A product specially developed for the new requirements in the cleaning and maintenance sector. For all waterproof floor coverings, coated or especially non-coated (PVC, linoleum, natural and artificial stone, colovinyl, rubber and epoxy). Gives a light glossy, dirt-repellent and tread-resistant protective film, which becomes high-gloss when polished.

ECO Fensterreiniger
8916 ECO Fensterreiniger

Special cleaner with fast-acting, dirt-dissolving substances. Does not attack paint coatings. Dries quickly and without streaks. Does not leave any residues.

ECO Fettlöser
8920 ECO Fettlöser

Intensive cleaner for removing oil, grease and heavy soiling of all kinds. Is excellent in commercial kitchens, industry, garages, etc.. For effortless cleaning and washing of walls, vents, fryers, machines and floors. Suitable for machine use and for application by hand.

ECO Kalkentferner
8922 ECO Kalkentferner

Excellent cleaner for the entire sanitary area. Quickly and effortlessly removes limescale residues, urine scale and other dirt. Cleans, deodorizes and gives freshness and hygiene.

ECO Sanitärreiniger
8924 ECO Sanitärreiniger

Cleans, deodorizes and nourishes. Based on natural acids. Removes lime residues and all kinds of dirt in the entire sanitary area in one operation. Does not cause corrosive vapors. Brings freshness and hygiene.