claro products GmbH

Vogelsangstraße 1
5310 Mondsee
Upper Austria, Austria
  • EcoLabel numberAT/015/001

claro was founded in 1995 by Josef Dygruber. The goal was to produce best quality detergents and bring development, production design and marketing under one roof. Today, claro stands for perfectly clean dishes and an intact environment.

The patented water-soluble wrapper of our tabs helps to reduce plastic waste. We only produce phosphate- and chlorine-free products which are also biodegradable.

claro ÖKO Clssic Alles in 1
claro ÖKO Alles in 1

Our All-in-1 Tab is especially popular with all Tea- and Coffee Lovers out there. Even persistent stains are going to be completely removed.

claro ÖKO Classic Pulver
claro ÖKO Classic Pulver

For everybody who likes to take matters into one´s own hands. You can decide how much powder you need depending on the amount of dishes and dirt.

claro ÖKO Classic Tabs
claro ÖKO Classic Tabs

Use our Classic Tab together with salt and rinsing agent. One Tab per washing cycle and your dishes are going to be perfectly clean.

claro ÖKO Klarspüler
claro ÖKO Klarspüler

Our Rinsing Agent is essential for all of our Classic products. It prevents lime and water stains and it is biodegradable of course. The bottle is made of recycled PET.

bi good Geschirreiniger Tabs
Geschirrreiniger Tabs BIPA bi good

Für brillante Sauberkeit und strahlenden Glanz
Salz- und Klarspülfunktion integriert
Verhindert Wasserflecken
Verhindert Kalkablagerungen
Glas- und Metallschutz
Frei von Konservierungsstoffen
Biologisch abbaubar
ohne Tierversuche
Hergestellt in Österreich

Klarspüler BIPA bi good
Klarspüler BIPA bi good

sorgt für strahlenden Glanz auf Gläsern und Geschirr
biologisch abbaubar
frei von Farbstoffen
Flasche aus 100% Recyclingmaterial
Beschleunigt den Trocknungsvorgang
Verhindert Ablagerungen und Kalkflecken
ohne Tierversuche
Hergestellt in Österreich