Ragnitz 100
8413 Ragnitz
Styria, Austria
  • EcoLabel numberAT/027/002

BIOSTAR OIL has been Austria's most innovative producer of biodegradable lubricants since 1985 and offers high quality and environmentally friendly products for a wide variety of applications and needs.

Certificates and awards, such as the Austrian Ecolabel and the EcoLabel, have proven the quality and environmental compatibility of the BIOSTAR chain oil. The BIOSTAR chain oil is characterized by its high-quality composition and guarantees the year-round use in forestry and garden.

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Biostar Biologisches Kettenöl 46 B.E.
Biostar Biologisches Kettenöl 100 B.E.
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Biostar Biologisches Kettenöl 200 B.E.