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EU Project FORMARTE+: "Finale" in Santiago de Compostela

On its journey with the mobile classroom, the FORMARTE+ project passed through several cities along the Camino de Santiago. Finally, it reached Santiago de Compostela.

The facilities of the M. Peleteiro School hosted the mobile classroom of the European FormArte+ project, promoted by the San Valero Group and co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

Santiago de Compostela, the ideal place for the final event of the FORMARTE+ project. Copyright by Austrian Ecolabel.

The conference entitled "European Heritage as a Didactic Resource on the Way of Saint James" was dedicated to the exchange and debate between personalities and experts on the Way of Saint James. Interested classes also took part in the event.

On its journey with the mobile classroom, this project came through several towns along the Way of Saint James.
"An opportunity to make the educational community of these cities aware of the project, but also to raise interest from cultural and social institutions, hostels and pilgrims."

The mobile classroom. Copyright by Ecolabel.

The welcome was first given by the director of the M. Peleteiro School, Luis Peleteiro, and the general director of the San Valero Group, César Romero Tierno, who thanked them for the welcome and explained how important it was to reach Santiago with this project.

There was plenty of space for stimulating discussions and presentations in the mobile classroom. Copyright by Grupo San Valero.

Afterwards, Nieves Zubález, Head of International and Cooperation of San Valero Group, explained the results of this project at international level: "We could see how the FormArte+ project aims to test and validate a new learning approach based on European cultural heritage, taking the already existing approach of the Way of Saint James, the first European cultural route". A learning applied to vocational training that aims at the acquisition of horizontal competences with reference to art, culture, the valorisation of cultural heritage and social values, including the environment.

Nieves Zubález presents the results. Copyright by Grupo San Valero.

Afterwards, José Luis Bruña, a teacher at the Peleteiro School, emphasised the value of the Way of Saint James as an international educational resource. The round table entitled "The potential of the Way of Saint James for education" was attended by Flavia Ramil, Managing Director of the Santiago Tourist Board, Ramón Yzquierdo, Technical Director and Curator of the Santiago Cathedral Museum, Mario Clavell, illustrious founding member of the Galician Association of Friends of the Way of Saint James (AGACS) and María de los Ángeles Caulonga Fernández, teacher at the Peleteiro School. All agreed that the Camino is an inexhaustible source of resources and themes for any kind of educational activity and mentioned some of the initiatives carried out by their organisations.

The conclusions of the project from an international perspective were presented by Josef E. Galdberger (Ministry of Climate Protection in Austria), Luca Galeasso (Environment Park Torino), Susana Chavez (Fundaçao da Juventude, Porto) and Nieves Zubález (San Valero Group, Zaragoza).

The event in Spain follows those already held in other European cities in Italy, Portugal and Austria. The project partners accompanying Grupo San Valero are: Environment Park Torino, Fundacao da Juventude and the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection in Austria.

The closing ceremony was attended by the Commissioner of Xacobeo, Cecilia Pereira Marimón, and the Councillor for Education of Santiago, Rubén Prol, who expressed their gratitude for the dissemination and development of this project with the Way of Saint James as the central starting point.

A pleasant conclusion in Santiago de Compostela. Copyright by Grupo San Valero.

On the project homepage you can read about the details of the project.