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The Austrian Ecolabel for Tourism

Tourism in Austria means experiencing nature and culture. So it´s only natural that tourism has to deal responsibly with the natural resources and to protect the environment. If you want to enjoy a stay in an environmentally friendly hotel with the Austrian Ecolabel visit our GreenHotelspage.

With the Austrian Ecolabel for Tourism a quality label was created in 1996, by the acquisition of which Austria’s tourist enterprises are offered the opportunity to demonstrate environmentally conscious management and social action also externally. Criteria documents have been developed for various sectors: accommodation, gastronomy, event-catering, community catering, camping, shelter huts, travel offers and green meetings and green events.


The basic requirement for the award of the Ecolabel is the legal compliance with all relevant laws and regulations. Moreover, there is a catalogue of requirements which provides for a holistic assessment of the holding in the following fields:

  • General management/Environmental management
  • Energy, water, waste, air, noise, office
  • Cleaning, chemistry, hygiene
  • Building and housing, furnishing
  • Food/kitchen
  • Traffic and outdoor area
  • Seminar and wellness

The mandatory requirements are – depending on the type of business and the offer - represented in the mandatory requirements. In addition to that the specific situation of the holding is dealt with more in-depth optional criteria.

For tourist accommodations and/or camp sites the Austrian Ecolabel additionally offers an opportunity to receive the Austrian Ecolabel and the EU Ecolabel within the framework of one auditing process by means of integration of the requirements of the EU Ecolabel in the criteria catalogue of the Austria Ecolabel.

Trained Ecolabel consultants assist in implementing the measures for being eligible for the Ecolabel. Some Federal Provinces support the extension services by subsidisation measures. Comprehensive documents and tools for the implementation of the criteria are made available. The Consumer Information Association was commissioned by the Ministry of Life to carry out the coordination of independent external audits. There is a federal pool of auditors.

After a positive audit the enterprise will receive the award certificate of the Ministry of Environment as well as various documents. The enterprise is now entitled to use the Ecolabel for four years for its communication. Afterwards a re-audit according to the applicable guideline is required in order to extend the period of utilisation of the Ecolabel.


The application fee which has to be paid once when the Ecolabel is awarded for the first time covers also the costs of the first audit.


Criteria Document Austrian Ecolabel for Tourism and Leisure-time Industry UZ200 .pdf 1.66MB