Webinar "Harmful substances in products" on 29 November 2022

This webinar will highlight which pollutants are commonly found in products (articles), what effects they are associated with, what options there are to get information about them, and what else to look out for.

In spring 2021, the Association for Consumer Information, together with 4 other test organisations, investigated the possible content of problematic chemicals in so-called alternative disposable packaging and found what it was looking for - as is often the case in a wide variety of products. These substances are associated with an increased risk of cancer, negative effects on fertility and the endocrine system or other health problems. Some can also pollute the environment.

In the case of so-called articles, there is no information on the packaging or label about the chemicals contained, so it is particularly difficult to identify safe products here. Articles include, for example, textiles, food packaging, toys, furniture, etc.

In the case of products labelled with the Austrian Ecolabel, you can be sure that no harmful substances are contained or that they are contained in the lowest possible and harmless concentrations. What other tips and choices are there? This will be explained in the seminar, as well as the background of harmful substances in products.

If you are interested, please register here.

The webinar "Pollutants in products" is an event within the AskREACH project, which is funded by the EU LIFE programme (No. LIFE16 EIG/DE/000738).