Less plastic and more climate protection when shopping for school

Writing, lace, painting, drawing, gluing, having a snack without plastic and with climate protection - the initiative Clever shopping for schools shows how this can be done. Parents can set an example at their next school purchase in paper shops, because climate protection starts with buying the right school supplies.

Anyone who takes climate protection seriously is best advised to look out for state ecolabels. With many school materials, it offers security to buy the right one. Buying certified exercise books or pads, for example, provides a strong environmental bonus. No trees have to be felled for this paper, because it is made of 100 percent recycled paper. The production process uses around 60 percent less energy and 70 percent less water than that of virgin fibre paper. This applies to all writing and copying papers bearing the Austrian Ecolabel.

The Austrian Ecolabel helps to make the right decision when buying school materials such as exercise books, pens, paints and many other school articles. School bags have their own test certificates for quality and safety. The initiative offers a shopping list for school bags. They should be practical, healthy, environmentally friendly, safe and also look "cool".

Ecolabels stand for quality and sustainability

"State ecolabels, in particular, are a guarantee of high quality and lived sustainability. Clever shopping for schools' is a successful initiative that benefits everyone - parents, children and our climate," underlines Climate Action Minister Leonore Gewessler.
The initiative supports 'Clever Shopping for Schools' with valuable information on this and many other questions that parents and children ask themselves when buying climate-friendly goods for schools.

The service offered is a directory with around 5000 recommended office and school articles that can be searched online at the push of a button and are available in specialist paper shops. In order to be able to offer this service, research is carried out directly with the manufacturers every year. The initiative also aims to appeal to teachers so that they include more environmental tips in their school lists. The newly published mini guidebook and the school folder are ideal for this purpose. These contain essential information in a nutshell and are ideal for passing on.

The initiative "Clever shopping for schools" is carried out in cooperation with the Austrian paper trade.
For 30 years the Austrian Ecolabel has been a guarantee for environmental and climate protection.

Further information is available at www.schuleinkauf.at