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Climate protection in school purchasing - campaign June 1 to September 30, 2022

No school day without an Ecolabel with exercise books made from recycled paper. 83 percent of all exercise books bear the Austrian Ecolabel and meet very strict environmental criteria. This puts Austria way out in front. Of the estimated 12 million exercise books marketed, 10 million are already made from recycled paper and are therefore guaranteed to be climate-friendly.

For 14 years, the Climate Protection Ministry's Clever Shopping for Offices and Schools initiative has been working with the Austrian paper trade to promote environmentally friendly school supplies. With success: the product research just completed shows the wide range of environmentally friendly articles offered by retailers for first graders and their basic equipment or for higher grades. A service of the initiative for more climate protection in school shopping.

Today, parents would usually have to dig deep into their pockets for school shopping. It is all the more annoying when the expected quality is not up to scratch. Particularly in the case of colored pencils, oil crayons or paintbrushes, the quality of the goods can vary considerably. Not every crayon offered has a lead of at least 3 mm in diameter and is therefore more productive. Likewise, not every crayon can show a wood quality seal, according to which the wood comes from "environmentally sound, socially responsible and economically sustainable certified plantations or forests. Intense, bright colors motivate children to draw and paint. Break resistance also contributes to satisfaction, although a suitable sharpener must also be used for this purpose. School articles with very good product properties last longer and are more productive. This is good for the wallet, the environment and the climate.

Pay attention to product labeling!

As test results from the Association for Consumer Information show, it is absolutely essential to pay attention to the ingredients of school products, because fiber-tip pens, ink pens and ballpoint pens require a liquid mixture of chemicals in order to write or draw with them. Preservatives, softeners and solvents can contain harmful substances that are harmful to the environment or health. Products with the Austrian Ecolabel are very strict in the requirements regarding chemicals.

Use the service of the initiative Clever shopping for the school!

Such examples can be listed for all product areas as they are relevant for different age groups. Paying attention to them when buying takes some time.

To make school shopping easier for everyone and still climate-friendly and safe, the initiative is offering a school shopping service again this year:

From June 1 to September 30, the campaign UmweltTipp! will take place. In this campaign, partner companies in the retail sector draw special attention to the articles recommended by the initiative.

Find product recommendations online!

The entire selection of articles recommended by the initiative can be used at For this purpose, a directory is available containing well over 5,000 recommended articles that are available in paper retailers. Around two thirds of these have a government Ecolabel and are therefore particularly environmentally friendly. The product recommendations can be searched at will at the touch of a button.

With this special service and the newly launched mini-guide and school folder, the Clever einkaufen initiative draws attention to high-quality and, above all, environmentally friendly school products and offers parents the opportunity to find out about sustainable products before they start shopping.

The 5 Clever shopping tips for school shopping

With the five tips all are well advised, which attach importance apart from a favorable price also to a guaranteed good quality.

VIDEO „Klimafit beim Schuleinkauf“

Smart shopping for school. And the environment is happy! is an initiative of the Ministry for Climate Protection (BMK) in cooperation with the Austrian Paper Trade (WKO).

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