The school shopping can begin

Parents whose children are attending school for the first time usually start buying school supplies earlier. But also for higher classes, purchases are not only made in the last moment before school starts. Many people wish for less plastic and more climate protection. But how do parents and their children know what a sustainable product is?

Climate protection is a high priority on the shopping list

The initiative Clever einkaufen für Büro und Schule has been dedicated to this question for many years. For this year's school shopping, several tools are available.

SAMPLE SET for ecological office and school shopping

Such a set with specific articles is now available in Lower Austria for consultants. The guide is also an excellent purchasing aid!

During the lockdown months, the initiative in cooperation with Umwelt.Wissen, an environmental project of the Lower Austrian provincial government together with the Lower Austrian environmental associations, has developed the Lower Austrian sample set for counselling at schools and kindergartens. The guide belonging to the product samples can be used by all interested parties. It shows sustainable school products and indicates their environmental friendliness and where they are produced. In addition, the guide provides brief information on sustainable considerations for five product groups.

Buying cleverly PRODUCT LIST 2020

Another practical help is the updated list of product recommendations. This has been available on since the beginning of June. In the months from January to April inclusive, around 70 brand manufacturers were asked for environmentally friendly articles for office and school. Around 5,000 articles were included in the list of recommendations. They fulfill the UmweltTipp! Initiative criteria. A practical input mask helps with the search.

The DEALER LIST 2020 on lists partner companies that support the initiative for sustainable school purchasing. They take part in the UmweltTipp! campaign in the campaign period 01 June - 30 September 2020. The UmweltTipp! is a recommendation and highlights products with governmental Ecolabels and selected quality seals. Shown on the shelf or in the online shop, it guidance the people. This year around 740 specialist dealers and branches are taking part in the environmental campaign.

The situation this year has made many things more difficult. With our initiative, we are doing everything we can to provide the best possible support for sustainability in purchasing.

Buy on time in stationary trade, i.e. from the supplier around the corner. Specialist dealers usually offer service even after the purchase, such as replacement of nib or point knife, repair, spare parts sales, reordering or professional cleaning of the fountain pen.

For 30 years now, the Austrian Ecolabel has been a guarantee for environmental and climate protection. Clever shopping for office and school is an initiative in cooperation with the Austrian paper trade.

NÖ Musterset for ecological purchasing of school and office articles