At the Austrian furniture manufacturer, people, furniture and the environment form a team - and that for a lifetime. Read more about TEAM 7, an exceptional Austrian family business.

Team & 7: "Team" stands for cohesion in order to achieve a certain goal together. This can be of a sporting nature, but can also be focused on the environment - as in the case of the Austrian company TEAM 7, a producer of solid wood furniture.

Questions that therefore come to mind: What does the special company name mean? How did it come about? "The number 7 is closely connected with the fate of our company. Because it all began on 7 September 1959: on this day, Erwin Berghammer founded his carpentry business in the Innviertel region and thus laid the foundation stone for TEAM 7. Forty years later, on 7 September 1999, I took over the management of the company and seven years later, on 7 September 2004, I became the owner of the company. The number 7 brought us luck", says Dr. Georg Emprechtinger, owner of TEAM 7 Natürlich Wohnen GmbH, with a smile.

The company, which is based in the town of Ried im Innkreis in Upper Austria, is a family-run business whose continuation is assured. Georg Emprechtinger's son, Stefan, is well prepared to take over the business in a few years' time.

Excellent! And for more than 20 years, TEAM 7 has been allowed to use the Austrian Ecolabel because it fulfils the UZ 06 Furniture guideline perfectly: "For TEAM 7, sustainable and ecologically sound production is a commitment to the values that shape and guide the company. Since the early 1980s, we have consistently followed the 'green path'," says Georg Emprechtinger. This path is best communicated to the outside world through the Austrian Ecolabel.

Wood from our own forest. "From the tree to the finished furniture, we have control over the entire value-added process: two furniture factories, our own panel factory and a sawmill are part of the company. We also manage a 77-hectare forest. However, this does not cover our wood requirements. But all our wood comes from sustainably managed European forests. TEAM 7 only cooperates with wood suppliers who guarantee sustainable forestry."

Made in Austria. The wooden surfaces of the furnishings are treated with pure natural oil. Georg Emprechtinger comments: "The main natural components of our oil are linseed oil, soybean oil and beeswax. Without varnishes or stains, the wood remains free of toxins and retains its excellent properties: it absorbs moisture, releases it slowly and thus ensures a pleasant and healthy indoor climate".

"We do not produce short-lived, disposable furniture, instead we manufacture products that last a lifetime". - Georg Emprechtinger, owner of TEAM 7

Reliable values. How does TEAM 7 argue to consumers interested in "short-time furniture": "Well, we are noticing that there is a growing environmental and health awareness and interest in craftsmanship worldwide. As a result, sustainably produced products that are manufactured without chemical additives are increasingly becoming the focus of consumer attention. On the other hand, the desire for durable, high-quality goods is growing. Furniture that is handcrafted and therefore individually produced is more in demand today than ever before. People want things with unmistakable charm and personality in their living environment. Tangible quality, made to measure, appeals to the senses and conveys joy as well as authenticity.

Furniture as a life companion, not a short-term accessory. Georg Emprechtinger has more arguments in store: "With TEAM 7 natural wood furniture, we are able to combine state-of-the-art technology and craftsmanship. Two thirds of our production staff are traditional carpenters who have learned their wood craft and love it. That is what makes the difference, the uniqueness of our products. These are all simply facts that beat the price argument and are also understood by the buyers. Our furniture is a life companion and moving artist - it can be supplemented and extended at any time. Even with a manageable budget, good solutions can be created.

A question of responsibility. Is there a general increase in the demand for ecologically responsible furniture? "Today, organic and eco are important components of a contemporary attitude to life. And also a sign of taking responsibility for the environment. For example, climate catastrophes and the warming of the temperature in recent years have shown how badly our planet is doing. People are shopping with the same care. And they are interested in certificates as well as in the origin and workmanship of the furniture," says Georg Emprechtinger. And he continues: "Young people in particular, who still have their lives ahead of them, are paying more and more attention to healthy eating, a harmonious work-life balance and ecologically responsible production methods. They know what is behind a label. In times of the Internet, a company and its image can be researched with just a few clicks. That's why we attach great importance to transparency and are happy to provide insight into our company".

Timeless. How can the buyer of TEAM 7 furniture be characterised? "Our furniture is timeless and stands for long-lasting values. Made to measure and from high-quality raw materials, they convey a special attitude to life. Unique, close to nature, yet very functional and with modern design, they are brought into exclusive shapes. These attributes appeal to young people as well as older consumers. We are noticing that the need for quality, durability and individuality is growing - and that across generations. TEAM 7 can optimally meet these demands. Because we are only satisfied with the best. This applies to design, comfort and functions as well as sustainable aspects.

So TEAM 7 is on the right track! We wish the team-oriented company good luck - not only with the number 7!