Mobile Fertigungsanlage des mineralischen Deämmstoffes AIRIUM

New insulating material with Ecolabel!

"AIRIUM - Insulation redefined". This slogan of the company AIRIUM GmbH in Vienna ( conveys well their philosophy: In the future of building environmentally friendly insulation materials will play a major role. With them energy can be saved, because they actively protect against overheating in summer and against cold in winter. The contribution of insulation materials to climate protection should therefore not be underestimated.

Air. Aerial. AIRIUM GmbH now signals its ecological commitment to the public with the Austrian Ecolabel (AE). This is because the mineral insulation material AIRIUM produced by the company has passed the strict test procedure required for this. Whereby the product name AIRIUM stands for air, which is enclosed millions of times in the material and ensures the good insulating effect. On 20 February 2020, Federal Minister Leonore Gewessler will present the certificate at the opening of the "Bauen und Energie Wien" building trade fair. On this occasion we talked to Ms DIin Anja Ebenschweiger from AIRIUM GmbH.

Environmental awareness of building customers is increasing. "The Austrian Ecolabel is of immense importance for us. Because the topic 'ecological building' is becoming more and more important. And we as a young company with a completely new product, which has to establish itself first due to the difference to other solutions known on the market, profit enormously from such a great award", explains DIin Anja Ebenschweiger from AIRIUM GmbH in Vienna. And Ms Ebenschweiger continues: "Because the environmental awareness of customers is definitely increasing. They are paying more and more attention to the materials they use in construction."

Ms Ebenschweiger, the AE is only allowed to run for AIRIUM, a 100 % mineral insulation material on cement basis? "Exactly. We have currently listed three densities of AIRIUM. Further densities are in preparation, so that we assume that in future we will be allowed to use the AE for our entire range of AIRIUM products."

Dämmung oberste Geschossdecke mit mineralischem Dämmstoff mit AIRIUM

What distinguishes AIRIUM in terms of environmentally friendly production and application? What does '100% mineral' mean? " Well, AIRIUM is produced freshly on location by the AIRIUM truck in the desired density and quantity, so there is no scrap or waste. And the innumerable air bubbles that provide good thermal insulation are only mixed into the material directly on site.

AIRIUM is particularly suitable as a levelling fill under the screed and as insulation for the top floor ceiling and is an environmentally friendly alternative to the insulation materials used to date.

AIRIUM is 100% mineral. Due to the mineral raw materials it is non-combustible and resistant to mould and pests. These are further important plus points."

What new, positive impulses has the Austrian Ecolabel certification procedure brought to the company? "For both the product and the mobile production, we have dealt with a number of points that we would not otherwise have focused on so directly. This has also made us aware of the positive points we are already fulfilling on the subject of 'environment'."

To what extent are your employees - including in production - informed or trained with regard to the AE, Ms Ebenschweiger? "We are a small, fine team with very intensive internal communication. Therefore, all employees are informed about the AE and trained in the relevant details."

Do you have the impression that your customers know the AE and know which strict criteria have to be met? "Yes, the AE is very well known and our customers know that we had and have to meet strict criteria to be awarded the AE."

Is the AE used for the application? "Since we only know very shortly that we will be awarded the AE, it is not yet included in the advertising. However, we plan to include the national Ecolabel in the next few weeks. So yes, it will definitely be used for the application."

Ms Ebenschweiger, is AIRIUM GmbH planning to acquire AE for other product groups as well? "Yes, we plan to acquire AE for all available densities of AIRIUM."

We would like to thank Ms DIin Anja Ebenschweiger for the very informative conversation. With the excellent mineral insulation material AIRIUM and its environmental commitment, the Viennese AIRUM GmbH is on a very good way into the future!