Ecolabel in action: Mobility training in Austrian Ecolabel schools

While a driver's license allows us to use cars, it does not exclude so-called multimodal mobility, i.e. the use of multiple methods of getting around. The Austrian Ecolabel driving schools are thinking different ...

Driving schools that have been awarded the Austrian Ecolabel provide high quality training to raise awareness of the problem of car-centered traffic, enable training with electric cars and use renewable energy wherever possible.

The way we get around is still very much focused on the passenger car, which is used with oil- and gas-based energy even when there are better, more climate-friendly and smarter ways of mobility. Cars sit for more than 95% of their time, are not very energy efficient, and require a lot of land and resources. They generate nuisance noise and exhaust that irritate the respiratory system, degrade air quality, and intensify climate change.

The cars are also given a lot of space!

Driving schools as role models

Management and instructors of an Ecolabel driving school are aware of the global climate crisis. They recognize the need for gradual change, have concrete knowledge of alternative vehicle technology, electromobility, multimodal mobility, fuel-saving training, purpose-built vehicles, car sharing, renewable energy, and are committed to transforming their operations.

An Ecolabel driving school also has an internal mobility management system. Its goal is to make the individual mobility of all employees more environmentally friendly, both at work and in private. To this end, needs and individual behavior are surveyed and attention is drawn to optimal alternatives.

Quality of training

In Ecolabel driving schools, students learn how to live mobility in a more cost-effective, environmentally friendly and safe way. Topics such as climate, environment, energy and road safety are qualitatively integrated alongside fuel-saving driving skills and multimodal mobility. The Austrian Ecolabel Driving Schools are quality driving schools and enable personal development with high quality content. Scientifically elaborated, didactic and pedagogic methods provide ideal learning conditions and motivation.

Environmentally friendly vehicle fleet

Electric cars, powered either by the school's own photovoltaic system or by a green electricity system, are a MUST as part of the vehicle fleet and driver training. Exercise cars with internal combustion engines have, on average, far above average energy and thus greenhouse gas efficiency.